Married... With Children

Season 6 Episode 24

England Show (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 1992 on FOX

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  • Bundy's Go To England

    A great type of plot for a sitcom, I think.

    A Bundy ancestor insults a witch and the witch curses a town. The only way to end the curse is too kill any living male Bundy.

    Of course, in present day, the Bundy's win a trip to England. Instead of questioning how they won {apparently the people put every single person's name in a hat and chose the Bundy's}, they go. The tour guides they are with want them to go to Lower Uncton so they can kill Al and Bud ending the curse.

    Whilst they don't know it, two men from Upper Uncton want to kill Al and Bud because Upper Uncton has light and they use it as a tourist attraction.

    To Be Continued.
  • Part one of great Season 6 season final.

    This first of the three-part season final episodes are unsual ones for Married... With Children with the Bundys flying to England and persued by killers from two different rural English towns to kill them for their past history. These episodes were filmed almost entirely on location in London, England with good and scenic exterior shots that are a nice change of pace from the familiar soundstage scenes through much of the series. Having been to England once before, it was nice to see the Bundys standing among famous exteriors of London including the exterior of Buckingham Palace, Speakers Corner in the section of Hyde Park, the Thames River Walk, parts of Heithrow Airport, the back end of Harrod's department story (London's equilivant to New York City's Macy's) and more. This episode ends on somewhat of a cliff-hanger setting the stage for part 2 of the next episode.