Married... With Children

Season 7 Episode 3

Every Bundy Has a Birthday

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1992 on FOX

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  • Nice Job

    In this episode, the Bundy's face off against a snooty rich family when they try to celebrate Seven's and Al's birthdays in the park. The point of this episode was to give the Bundy's a reason to kick the family's butts in the end, and boy, that Father of that Family was obnoxious. I wanted to jump in the screen and punch him or something like that. So in that aspect, the family did a good job at acting.

    A pretty good episode, I loved the resolution of it and it had some pretty funny scenes. 10, a perfect score
  • Great episode!

    This is one of the ones I loved watching when they showed it on reruns. Basically, Peggy decides that Seven deserves a birthday, but the only problem is, she has absolutely no clue when his birthday is! After listing two dates that turned out to be Kelly and Bud's birthdays, she finally comes up with one. The next day.

    Al comes home, and when Peggy finds out it's his birthday she completely ignores him, taking away his day. Poor Al.

    They go to the park, but find out some snooty rich family rented it out for THEIR son's birthday. The rich folk give the Bundy's a small section that isn't even considered good enough.

    In the end, they do what Bundy's should do. Fight. Great way to end an episode, and shows that Al doesn't COMPLETELY hate his family.