Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 19

Field of Screams

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 1994 on FOX



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    • Marcy: Gee Al, those insect bites are pretty nasty.
      Al: In-insect bites? Oh thank God, I thought they were hickeys from that bum over there.

    • Peg: (Bud suffered a side effect of the bug spray and grew breasts. He had to turn a girl that wanted to sleep with him down.) Where are you going?
      Bud: To cop a feel and kill myself.

    • Marcy: Isn't this a great country?
      Al: This country sucks Peg! And I'll tell you why. We're giving it away faster than we can take it from other people. I was driving by Polk High today. To catch a glimpse of the scoreboard which once proclaimed my glory and fight with the homeless for nickels. And guess what sign I saw on the school fence?
      Marcy: Life fifty, Al zero?
      Al: Hey Marcy, I see they drink a lot at Zippy Cuts. The sign "Future home of the Haguar." Which means Peg, that they will be building automobiles on the football field where I scored four tuochdowns in a single game. Where perk cheerleaders in stuffed bras and short mini-skirts used to sing "1-2-4-3 Give the ball to Al Bundy." This is madness I say! How could this have happened?
      Marcy: Two town meetings, a suitcase full of unmarked bills and it's pretty much a done deal.
      Al: You were involved?
      Marcy: I was.
      Al: Well you aren't going to get away with this. If it's a war you want, it's a war you'll get. But you and your fellow Haugwites should know one thing. Al is the first word in Alamo.
      Peg: Al, we lost the Alamo.
      Al: Oh Peg, nobody remembers that.

  • Notes

    • The chain that is attached to the goalpost is cut near the goalpost itself. In the next scene, during the newscast, the chain is still intact and hanging from the goalpost.

    • Julie Benz played Darla on Angel & Buffy The Vampire Slayer. David Boreanaz, who played Angel, also appeared on the series as Frank Kelly's cheating boyfriend.

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