Why so many spin-off pilots?!

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    I'm watching MWC for the first time and despite I love the show, I just can't understand why they included so many spin-off pilots.

    First, the pilots are absolutely awful. They learned from the first, where only Al was in and for not more than maybe 4 minutes, and Bud and then Kelly were a bit longer in the 2 others. But that was still horrible.

    And the results confirm it.
    "Top Of The Heap" became "Vinnie and Bobby" for 7 episodes.
    Then, "Radio Free Trumaine" and "Enemies" never even became tv shows!

    After the stinking fali of the first, they should have stop. Eventually, after the second, which was the ultimate failure.
    Plus, I've never seen a show doing pilots for others shows in the middle of its seasons. Maybe some did, but of all the shows I've seen, non.

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