Married... With Children

Season 6 Episode 8

God's Shoes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1991 on FOX

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  • Thy must have shoes

    I enjoyed this very much. It's hilarious and it shows that Al does keep on going doing stuff that he actually believes in because of God.
  • a very funny episode were al beleving he saw god shoes attemptes to remake the shoes and sale them.

    A very funny episode.
    Al after beliving he saw god shoes,attempt to make a fortune by remaking the shoes.the shoes al beleve god was wearying ,were shoes and soaks together wrapping around the toes. Jefferson of coarse thinking he will get rich fast .steals marcy watch and drains her bank account to back al of coarse recieve the usual saport of his family.and of coarse in the end fales again.
    i like this episode because even after all al endures he still keep on trying.must people in real life would have given up by this point in there life.married with chrildren is a good show in general because it take your mind off of your problems and place them somewere else,usual on al for 30 mins at a time.