Married... With Children

Season 10 Episode 1

Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1995 on FOX
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Peg's enormous mother shows up at the Bundy doorstep after having a fight with her husband, and Al desperately tries to get them back together. Meanwhile, Bud decides to move into the basement after being unable to find an apartment.

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  • Bud decides to leave the Bundy home, but as he can't find a suitable place, moves into the basement instead. Meanwhile, Peggy's mother leaves her husband and moves into the Bundy home, making everybody but Peggy miserable.moreless

    This is one of the worse episodes. Bud, Kelly and the Darcys are the only persons that are more or less believable. Ok, Al is a bordercase. But Peggy outdoes her obnoxious self once again. How could anybody possibly be expected to love or even stand a person like that. I know that humor thrives on exaggeration, but her behavior goes far beyond exaggeration. And if that is not enough, there is Wanker County. Just use your imagination to visualize that blubbery mass of a mother of hers, gobbling up anything digestible that comes within her reach - on a 24 hours per day basis. When Peggy forced Al to go and scrub his mother-in-law's back, it ran cold over my back as well. This is no comedy, it's an horror trip. I pity Al, the kids, the neighbors and even Buck the dog... and myself as a spectator.moreless
  • Bud Doesen't Leave Home But Instead Goes Into His Parents Basement Which Al Thought He Was Gonna Get Rid Of Him Out Of The House

    This Has To Be 1 Of The Best Married With Children Episodes In My Book, I Would Say A 9 For Keeping It Still Funny As Time Went On When This Show Was Still Running. The Actors Still Did A Good Job On Keeping Their Character's The Same Through Out The Show. Great Writing With The Script On Which

    Made The Show That Much Funny. Gotta Give So Much Credit To Ed O'Neil, Katey Seagal, David Faustino, Christina Applegate, Amanda Bearse And Ted Mcgiley For Doing Fantastic Jobs For Their Contribution To The Show And Fox For Comming Out With The Showmoreless
Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen


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Eric Floyd


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Gunther Jensen


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Kathleen Freeman

Kathleen Freeman

Peg's Mom (voice)

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    • Jefferson: (referring to Bud) So, where's the cool guy who's ready to leave home and bag some babes?
      Al: Right here!
      Marcy: Please. You can't even bag your own wife.
      Al: Oh, I can bag her, but it doesn't do me any good, I remember what she looks like.

    • Peggy: Mom does not eat between meals.
      Al: Oh, no, Peg, because in order to eat between meals, the first meal has to end.

    • Marcy: I do remember my first apartment. My roommate and I were both single, both bursting with ripe, flowering womanhood. The sexual revolution was in full swing and we were a-happening.
      Peggy: Wow. I'll bet you were having sex all the time.
      Marcy: No, that cheap slut of a roommate stole all my boyfriends. I've never forgiven Mom for that.

    • Peggy: I've always wanted some place where I could stretch out and do nothing.
      Al: Well get in the car, I'll take you to the morgue.

    • Peggy: (after getting off the phone)That was Dad. He and Mom had this big fight, and now Mom left and he can't find her.

      Al: Did he look behind the Rockies?

    • Al: Who the hell would put a bear-trap in an outhouse?
      Ephraim Wanker: They wouldn't. That ain't no bear-trap, that's a human-trap.
      Al: Well, why would you want to trap a human?
      Ephraim Wanker: I don't know, ask the bears, them was the ones who put it in there.

    • Al: Don't you know that all horrible things happen in threes: Celebrity deaths, Pauly Shore movies, Wilson-Phillips. In my own case: Marrying Peg, Bud not moving out, and 3-2-1...
      Peg: Al, something horrible has happend!
      Al: The hell you say!?

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