Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 2

Hood 'n the Boyz

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 1993 on FOX
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Al is contacted by his first teenage love, who has moved back to their old neighborhood to run her father's store. Jefferson convinces him to take Peg on a second honeymoon as a cover to meet up with his former lover and help her with a problem she is having with some neighborhood punks.moreless

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    Al helps an old girlfriend who has issues with a local teen and his gang. Al tries to fix the problem but gets beaten up again and again. So he goes in a speech about how he is trying to protect a woman, and that someday all the people in the gang will do crazy stuff to impress woman. The problems are solved.

    One thing I cannot stand about this, is how big a wimp it seems that bad teen was. I mean yea, he had a gang, but come on, ALL of them pouncing on Al at once? It's like that teen couldn't take Al by his lonesome, he knew that, and so he did that. I find that... weird and cowardly.

    But the whole episode was pretty good, one of my favorites for suremoreless
Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon

Guy in Ray-Ray's gang

Guest Star

Matt Borlenghi

Matt Borlenghi

Ray Ray

Guest Star

Debra Engle

Debra Engle

Mary Ellen

Guest Star

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    • Ray-Ray: (to Mary Ellen Hey, gimme a couple of steak and egg sandwiches, huh?
      Al: You know, in my day, when two people were talking, a man would wait his turn.
      Ray-Ray: Yeah, well, in your day, there only were two people.

    • Peg: Gee, Al, I wish you could feel my heart.
      Al: I wish I could feel your throat.

    • Peg: Al, how come you never take me to the beach?
      Al: What's the point? You'll always find your way back.
      Marcy: I really wish you two were coming with us. I hate seeing Al shirtless as much as anyone but there's no better way to keep the flies off the food.
      Al: Well, on the bright side, there's no lifeguard that would give her mouth to beak resuscitation.

    • Ray-Ray: What is it with you, Bundy? Still not getting enough curve in your diet? I mean, we knock you around, you come back. Why? Why do you do it?
      Al: For the same reason men climb mountains or sail across the sea alone. For the only reason that a rational man would do in a rational thing like this.
      Ray-Ray: Pride.
      Al: No, women. I'm a moron, Ray-Ray. We're all morons. That's what comes from being a man. From the first little worm they dare us to eat to the last big shovel full of snow they convince us we can move, we're nothing more to women than an amusement park ride with life insurance. Why else would we do the idiotic things that we do? For example, you ski?
      Ray-Ray: No.
      Al: Well, you will someday if a girl wants you to. We all will. We'd hurdle down the mountain so fast that the crack of our bodies hitting the tree wouldn't even resonate in their ears before we'd pounce up and say 'I'm OK.' They know were not OK. Hell, even if they miss that pair of squirrels running away with our hacky sacks, one glance down at the color of the snow would hint that there might be some trauma. And we've all been to the weight room when a pretty girl walks by and said to ourselves "Gee I think I'll start today's warm up bench pressing oh, nine tons. So, you see Ray-Ray, as long as there's women, there'll be men around doing stupid things to impress them. That's why I'm here. That's why you're here. That's why there here. Now, someday, you may evolve beyond this, but it's too late for me. I'm too old, too married, and lost far too many hackysacks.

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