Married... With Children

Season 11 Episode 23

How to Marry a Moron (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 1997 on FOX



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    • (Kelly opens a present to reveal a sieve)
      Kelly: Ohhhh, thanks. (whispers to Peggy) I can't believe how cheap they are, they got me a bowl with holes in it.
      Peg: Honey, don't be silly, that's not a bowl - it's a hat.
      Kelly: Oh? (puts the sieve on her head) OK, thanks.

    • Peg: Are you okay, honey?
      Kelly: Yeah, I guess so. You know, I'm going to miss Lonnie, but at least I have something that'll always remind me of him.
      Al: A $10,000 wedding debt?
      Kelly: No, Daddy, that's... that's yours. I've got this (holds up a diamond ring) and my loved ones to console me.
      Bud: We're here for you, Kel.
      Kelly: Not you! THEM, (she stands there, surrounded by a crowd of old boyfriends) hahahahaaa!

  • Notes

    • According to E! True Hollywood Story, there were talks of doing a real series finale. Series creator Michael Moye stated he was called by Fox to come in and help develop ideas and write the ending of the show. However, Fox never followed back up nor returned any of Moye's inquires about the status.

    • This was the actual series finale of Married With Children

    • Viewed by 15.2 million viewers.

    • In addition, the spinoff didn't happen because the producers made FOX sign a contract saying that none of the Bundy kids could have a spinoff (or get married, either). This is why the wedding was called off by Al in the script.

    • A final Married With Children spinoff was called "Kelly" and would follow the adventures of Kelly Bundy. Christina Applegate declined to do the role and went for the NBC series Jesse, a year later.
      Simple credits for the end was a cue card thanking the cast and crew for 11 years of laughter and a fade to black. The show was cancelled due to Fox's unwillingness to pay the cast salaries and production costs.
      48 tv shows were cancelled during the series run.

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