Married... With Children

Season 6 Episode 7

If I Could See Me Now

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 1991 on FOX
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Episode Summary

After nearly driving off the freeway, and losing out on two sports trivia contests because he couldn't read the phone number on the television screen, Al finally breaks down and buys glasses. However, he quickly discovers that 20/20 vision isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Al gets glasses.

    PLOT: After a mishap in Al's car with Bud, Kelly, and Buck, the dog, inside, with Al driving, they all decide that Al needs glasses. So, they go get him glasses after convincing him that he needs them.

    This was a great episode. It had a great plot, to start with. It also had some funny stuff in it, like Bud and Kelly giving Al a banana instead of his remote control, and Al doesn't know the difference because of his bad sight, Al confusing a picture of Delta Burke with Raymond Burr, both before and after he gets glasses, and Kelly, Bud, and Al all dancing around in the glasses store while trying to find Al some glasses. It was great to see some character development in Al in this episode, too. The episode plot also developed excellently throughout the episode, as well. Overall, great plot, comedy, plot development, and character development.



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    • (When Jefferson wins $100 after Al gave the answer to the sports question)
      Al: That's my money.
      Jefferson: I'm sorry, Al, you gotta be quicker. It's a young man's world.
      (Jefferson laughs, Al temporarily laughs along)
      (Al is later watching TV, Kelly comes home and finds a man-shaped hole in the door)
      Kelly: Daddy, what happened to our door?
      Al: A young man went through it.

    • (Bud comes downstairs while Al and Kelly are talking)
      Bud: Hey, Dad, who was the guy who played for the Celtics they called the best sixth man in basketball?
      Al: Frank Ramsey.
      Bud: Thanks, Dad. (runs back upstairs)
      (After Al finished his talk with Kelly, he turns the TV back on to hear the sports question)
      TV Announcer: We have a winner. The answer to our quiz was Frank Ramsey. Congratulations to today's winner, Bud Bundy.
      (Bud comes downstairs, Al turns the TV back off)
      Al: Well, lets go out and get old Dad some glasses.
      Bud: What for?
      Al: So I can see the expression on your face when I'm choking you! (Starts choking Bud)

    • TV Announcer: And now let's have our sports quiz for the day. And the first caller with the correct answer wins $100.
      Jefferson: 100 bucks? Hey, Al, you know a lot about sports. Maybe you could win the hundred and buy yourself a newer Dodge.
      Al: No chance. These questions are so obscure, you have to have no life whatsoever to get the answer.
      TV Announcer: Who played center field for the Chicago White Sox in the '59 World Series?
      Al: Jim Landis. I know that. That's Jim Landis.

    • Al: I'm telling you I don't need Glasses. My vision was checked in the fourth grade and it's perfect.

    • Salesman: I'm Wally. Please don't want me. I'm married.
      Kelly: Good, then there's hope for my brother.

    • Kelly: Ok, Daddy. Show him your prescription.
      Salesman: (reads prescription, then waves in front of Al's face) Can you see me?

    • (Al tests out his new glasses)
      Al: (looking at cover of "TV Guide") Ahhh, there he is bright as day - Raymond Burr.
      Kelly: It's Delta Burke, Daddy.
      Al: Raymond Burr, Delta Burke, city of Seattle. What's the difference?

    • Al: I saw those numbers just as plain as I see Bea Arthur's face on that tv
      Jefferson: That's Fidel Castro...

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