Married... With Children

Season 6 Episode 7

If I Could See Me Now

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 1991 on FOX



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    • (When Jefferson wins $100 after Al gave the answer to the sports question)
      Al: That's my money.
      Jefferson: I'm sorry, Al, you gotta be quicker. It's a young man's world.
      (Jefferson laughs, Al temporarily laughs along)
      (Al is later watching TV, Kelly comes home and finds a man-shaped hole in the door)
      Kelly: Daddy, what happened to our door?
      Al: A young man went through it.

    • (Bud comes downstairs while Al and Kelly are talking)
      Bud: Hey, Dad, who was the guy who played for the Celtics they called the best sixth man in basketball?
      Al: Frank Ramsey.
      Bud: Thanks, Dad. (runs back upstairs)
      (After Al finished his talk with Kelly, he turns the TV back on to hear the sports question)
      TV Announcer: We have a winner. The answer to our quiz was Frank Ramsey. Congratulations to today's winner, Bud Bundy.
      (Bud comes downstairs, Al turns the TV back off)
      Al: Well, lets go out and get old Dad some glasses.
      Bud: What for?
      Al: So I can see the expression on your face when I'm choking you! (Starts choking Bud)

    • TV Announcer: And now let's have our sports quiz for the day. And the first caller with the correct answer wins $100.
      Jefferson: 100 bucks? Hey, Al, you know a lot about sports. Maybe you could win the hundred and buy yourself a newer Dodge.
      Al: No chance. These questions are so obscure, you have to have no life whatsoever to get the answer.
      TV Announcer: Who played center field for the Chicago White Sox in the '59 World Series?
      Al: Jim Landis. I know that. That's Jim Landis.

    • Al: I'm telling you I don't need Glasses. My vision was checked in the fourth grade and it's perfect.

    • Salesman: I'm Wally. Please don't want me. I'm married.
      Kelly: Good, then there's hope for my brother.

    • Kelly: Ok, Daddy. Show him your prescription.
      Salesman: (reads prescription, then waves in front of Al's face) Can you see me?

    • (Al tests out his new glasses)
      Al: (looking at cover of "TV Guide") Ahhh, there he is bright as day - Raymond Burr.
      Kelly: It's Delta Burke, Daddy.
      Al: Raymond Burr, Delta Burke, city of Seattle. What's the difference?

    • Al: I saw those numbers just as plain as I see Bea Arthur's face on that tv
      Jefferson: That's Fidel Castro...

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