Married... With Children

Season 3 Episode 10

I'll See You in Court

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Unknown on FOX
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Wanting to spice up her sex life, Peg follows Marcy's advice to take Al to a motel near the airport.Al and Pegsoondiscover that the motel has been illegally video taping their guests in the act, including themselves and the Rhodeses, and Steve thinks it's worthy of a million dollar lawsuit.moreless

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      • Defence: Mr. Bundy, on what grounds are you suing?
        Al: Umm, well, my wife's sick of poverty and um, she told me she'd give me five thousand dollars.

      • Peggy: Al, what are we gonna do?
        Al: Well, I don't know about you, but when the kids go to sleep, I'm looting!
        Steve: I'll tell you what I'm gonna do; I'm gonna sue these vermin for everything they've got.
        Al: Aww, I don't know, I've always been a fan of physical violence. Er, how about if I go down there and break a back, or two - that way, everybody's happy.
        Peggy: Quiet, Dear. Steve has a thought on how sex with you can finally be satisfying. (to Steve) So, er, we can make some money off of this?
        Steve: And see justice served. Right, Marcy?
        Marcy: (ignoring Steve and talking to Al) When you go down there, and you've broken their spines and snapped their arms like little twigs, and they're truly, truly helpless, then I'll come in. Yes, I'll come in with just a mere old-fashioned can-opener, and I'll do things to them that'll make the devil himself vomit.

      • Al: I don't want to have sex; you're my wife, for God's sake! Hasn't having the kids taught you anything - nothing good comes of it!

      • Al: Well, Peg, I'm showered and ready to go to work and edge ever closer to the grave. Wish me luck.
        Peggy: Al, take me! (Peggy dashes towards the dining table and sweeps everything off with her arm, then sits on it) I wanna have sex on the kitchen table.
        Al: I wanna have a meal on the kitchen table. Learn to live without. I did. Goodbye.
        Peggy: Al, I'm serious. I want sex!
        Al: Peg, how long have we been married - 40, 50 years? Do we not have 2 children?
        Peggy: Well, yeah.
        Al: Then my job is done.

      • Bud: Mom, how are we gonna get money? Dad took his wallet in the shower with him.
        Kelly: Yeah, and as we all know, when we rifled his pants last night, we found a note in his pocket, it said; "It's in my underwear, I dare you". Dad's playing hardball, what are we gonna do, Mom?
        Peggy: Aw, don't worry about it. That's not his real wallet (produces a wallet from between the couch cushions) - this is.
        Bud: But won't Dad know?
        Peggy: No! I bought a duplicate wallet, and I filled it with Xeroxed money. The way I figure it; if your dad's got the gall to go out and buy himself something without telling the family, he deserves to go to jail.

      • (When reaching a verdict decision)
        Jury foreman: ...and as for the Bundys, no sex = no money.

      • (Looking at the defendants - the Bundys and the Rhoades)
        Ms. Weigel: How lovely, new meat.

      • Marcy: (when Kel and Bud found out about the tapes) You told them! Now everybody knows I'm a porn queen!

      • Steve: I can't believe they taped us.
        Marcy: And on 'Back to School' night.

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