Married... With Children

Season 1 Episode 13

Johnny B. Gone

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 1987 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Bud had put the batteries into a radio to check the battery level. Later he gives the batteries back to his father to have them inserted into a remote control for a radio controlled model car. After Al has tested the car the radio sounds again - without batteries.

  • Quotes

    • Al: Sorry I'm late, but I was in such a rush that I sideswiped a car parked outside of Steve and Marcy's house. But if they can afford to buy a Mercedes, they can afford to pay for it.
      Peggy: Didn't you leave a note?
      Al: Sure I did. I said, "Next time buy American."

    • Al: (while reading the instructions to Bud's car) Oh, great, this is Japanese! (reads opposite page) Oh, here we go. Uh, "Achtung hier hat der kab." These aren't instructions, it's the history of World War II! (turns page) Ah, here it is, uh, "Attention vous avez." Oh, hell! More people we should have killed!

    • Al: (still reading instructions) All right, I put the red terminal in the "la conduire." Oh, my friends the French again. (turns page) Conductor. Why don't they just say "Put the red wire in the hole"? Oh, here it is, put the red wire in the hole.

    • Marcy: Hi.
      Peggy: Hi. Have you seen Al?
      Marcy: Too many times.

    • Steve: Well I was in a hurry, I grabbed the first thing I saw.
      Al: Yeah, I did that once, It's how I got Peggy.

    • Marcy: Does Al have a sock drawer?
      Peggy: Yeah, it's called the floor.

    • Al: Kelly, there were plenty of parties I wasn't invited to when I was a kid.

      Marcy: (sarcastically) There's a mystery.

      Al: Here's another one... what the hell's holding that towel up?

      Marcy turns away

      Al: So to continue, Kelly, I just showed up! I just stood there, big smile on my face, I said "I'm here!" and went straight for the food. Well, sure they didn't want me there, but I had a great time and if they didn't, too bad. The important thing is you wanna be there, be there. Even if they hate you. You're a Bundy. Start acting like one.

    • Bud: Dad, what is Mrs. Rhoades doing in our living room wearing a towel?
      Al: Bud, do you want to hear a long boring story about a short boring woman or do you want your car fixed?

    • Al: Never wanted to get married - I'm married, never wanted to have kids - I got two of 'em. How the hell did this happen?

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