Married... With Children

Season 11 Episode 21

Lez Be Friends

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 1997 on FOX

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  • al and mandy

    Al finds that he likes Marcy's identical cousin, Mandy. After acting somewhat flirty, he is told that Mandy is gay She has told everyone in the family, except Marcy. When she does tell Marcy, a fight erupts. Peg and Mandy have been fighting, but when she leaves, she tells Peg she thinks she is good-looking.

    I liked this episode. I don't like Amanda Bearse {hey! Mandy} a lot in this show, i find her really annoying and just not funny. But i like how her character Mandy was gay because in real life, Amanda is. A good way of telling the world this. Good episode, A+
  • So Al can have friends...

    In a another great episode, Amanda Bearse plays dual roles, Marcy and her cousin Mandy, who comes to visit Marcy, but instead ends up on the Bundy doorstep, which Marcy never wanted to happen. Marcy is frightened, she fears that Mandy could attract Jefferson. Meanwhile, Mandy develops a great friendship with Al. But, there's a twist, Mandy is a lesbian.

    I absoultely loved Amanda Bearse's performace in this epsode. This was also a way for her to show to the world that she is lesbian. It was great to see another side of Amanda, her character Marcy is sometimes too chicken-like (like Al would say). This episode also shows that Al can become friends with someone that is not a guy. So, this is yet another great installment of the show.
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