Married... With Children

Season 3 Episode 21

Life's a Beach

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 1989 on FOX
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Al is inspired by an episode of Eight Is Enough to spend more time with his family by taking them to the beach, but the experience doesn't turn out as ideally as he envisioned it. Meanwhile, Steve attempts to evade responsibilityafter causing a traffic accident.

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  • The Bundys go to the beach.

    PLOT: After watching an "Eight is Enough" episode, Al decides that the family needs to spend some more time together. When Steve and Marcy say that they are going to the beach, Al gets an idea that his family should go to the beach to spend time together. Steve tells the Bundys that they had a fender bender with some guy, and he forgot his insurance card, so he leaves the information for the guy on the Bundys' door because he pleaded poverty. The Bundys soon discover that Steve left 100 dollars in the envelope along with information. They take the 100 dollars and go to the beach.

    While there, Bud and Kelly start a bet to see who can get a date first. The result is that Kelly's boyfriend leaves her to take a guy for a ride in his "'Vette". Bud gets a girlfriend, but she is way too young for him. Even so, she won't leave him and Bud wins the bet. At the end, Al finally gets the family picture he wanted, but he is cut out of it.

    Meanwhile, the guy that the Rhoades had a fender bender with smashed up their car with a sledgehammer because he didn't get the 100 bucks that they promised him, because the Bundys took it.

    This was a superb episode. It had some funny moments like Al saying that he had an emotional experience in the bathroom, to which Peg replies, "You washed your hands this time?", to which he replies, "No.", Bud throwing a football around by himself,and pretending someone else is throwing it, in order to get a date, and that young little girl clinging onto Bud and calling him her boyfriend. There are more, but I can't remember them all.

    This episode has a great plot, and it was great how they focused on all the characters. As I've already said, it also had great jokes in it. It was great to see Al choose his family over another woman, as well. It was also great to see Al achieve his goal of getting a family portrait, although his head wasn't in it, though. So, this is a superb Season 3 episode of "Married...with Children."



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    • Kelly: Mom, we've given up on getting food and guidance, but we need money.

    • Marcy: It's a little tradition we have. On the first sunny day in May we go to the beach to shake hands with Mr. Summer.
      Peggy: Our little summer tradition is watching Al sweat through his pants onto Mr. Couch.
      Steve: Well, you're lucky Al. For you, every day can be summer.

    • Lifeguard: (comes with a steering wheel) Excuse me, is this your Mercedes?
      Marcy: Steve, I recognize it anywhere. It's part of Klaus.
      Lifeguard: By the way, the guy with the sledgehammer said, your note 'Gone to the beach, ha ha, loser' doesn't quite cover his damage. Have a nice day and uh, swim with a buddy.

    • Peggy: Well honey, take a picture of me so you can remember me, when I was beautiful.
      Al: What, you're gonna get worse?

    • Steve: We didn't come here to throw our happiness in your face. Actually, we came here if you could do me a favor.
      Al: What? Grab one of your wife's legs and make a wish.

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