Married... With Children

Season 3 Episode 21

Life's a Beach

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 1989 on FOX



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    • Kelly: Mom, we've given up on getting food and guidance, but we need money.

    • Marcy: It's a little tradition we have. On the first sunny day in May we go to the beach to shake hands with Mr. Summer.
      Peggy: Our little summer tradition is watching Al sweat through his pants onto Mr. Couch.
      Steve: Well, you're lucky Al. For you, every day can be summer.

    • Lifeguard: (comes with a steering wheel) Excuse me, is this your Mercedes?
      Marcy: Steve, I recognize it anywhere. It's part of Klaus.
      Lifeguard: By the way, the guy with the sledgehammer said, your note 'Gone to the beach, ha ha, loser' doesn't quite cover his damage. Have a nice day and uh, swim with a buddy.

    • Peggy: Well honey, take a picture of me so you can remember me, when I was beautiful.
      Al: What, you're gonna get worse?

    • Steve: We didn't come here to throw our happiness in your face. Actually, we came here if you could do me a favor.
      Al: What? Grab one of your wife's legs and make a wish.

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