Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 4

Luck of the Bundys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1993 on FOX
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Al experiences a stretch of pure good luck that includes Bud moving into a fraternity and Kelly becoming a well paid exterminator mascot. Instead of cherishing his good fortune, he becomes convinced that the Bundy Curse is about to deal him a fate worse than death.

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      • Al: Hey, Jefferson, don't look now, but something followed you home from "El Pollo Loco."

      • Kelly: (to Al, living in a bunker in the living room) Oh, I really wish you'd come to the homecoming rally tonight. I've been working on a special entrance. I'm going to ride this Harley up a ramp, jump over a bonfire pit and then light the flames with my exhaust.
        Al: Kelly, just exactly how did you learn to do stunts like this?
        Kelly: In your car, ditching the police. How'd you learn to build a bunker like this?
        Al: In bed, ditching your mom. Sweetheart, I really would love to go tonight, but I'm afraid to leave the fort. Cause then something good will happen and I'll be in a fate worse than death. Well, considering I'm married to your mother, a fate worse than life.

      • Peg: My horoscope says 'Buy a new dress. You are about to embark on a new and unique undertaking.' Isn't that great?
        Al: The 'undertaking' kinda does have a nice ring to it.

      • Peg: Now, when's your birthday?
        Al: It's 2 months after yours. The only difference is that I have mine every year.
        Peg: Look Al, you're a Cancer.
        Al: Right back 'atcha.
        Peg: Honey, you have an amazing horoscope. It says, now brace yourself: 'Good luck's a comin'.
        Al: Oh, well, that's a different. See, 'til now, Peg, I always thought horoscopes were a lot of hooey, but after hearing 'Good luck's a comin', now I realize that they're based on hard scientific data. Tell me something, Peg, does it say anything in there about the wife is a leavin'?

      • Peggy: I bought a new dress. How does it look?
        Al: I don't know, Peg, I'd have to see it without you in it.

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