Married... With Children

Season 7 Episode 21

Movie Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 1993 on FOX

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  • One of the funniest episodes ever

    The Bundy's go to the movies for Kelly's birthday. But of course, problems happen, especially with Kelly seeing her boyfriend there with another girl.

    This was the first official episode I had seen. I was surprised by how the Bundy's acted, I was not used to this show at all, and I thought it was pretty funny. The snack scene and a lot of the scenes in the movie theater were really hilarious and it was really defined for how the Bundy's typically act. They basically cannot go ANYWHERE acting normal, and that is what this episode showcased, and it did a good job at that
  • The Bundys barely remember Kelly's birthday, but celebrate by going to the movies. While there, each person has their fair share of problems.

    I just started watching Married...with Children this past Spring, and upon this composition, I highly regret not seeing this show during its run.

    This is just one of many episodes I've seen. "Movie Show" was released during Season 6, where the infamous Seven had his brief stay. Thankfully, Seven was gone by the time this episode showed up, and this came to be one of the best episodes ever.

    The Bundys are not good at celebrating each others' birthdays, examplified here when they nearly forget Kelly's birthday. They decide that the appropriate way to celebrate is to spend time together as a family. They go out to watch a movie together.

    Now, it seems as if the Bundys seldom, if ever go out to the movies, because, for one thing, they spend a ton of money on snacks. They also give some of the other moviegoers trouble, especially when Kelly catches one of her former boyfriends seeing a movie with another woman. A few other problems occur, such as Al mistaking another woman for Peggy in another screening. But through it all, the Bundys have a nice outing at the movies.

    This is a really funny episode, and is probably one of the first where Married...with Children starts using meta-references. You'll see as the Bundys comment on the ending credits. Some of you probably thought that self-mockery was reserved for The Simpsons. ;)

    A great episode all around, and from what I've seen of the series so far, definitive of who we've come to recognize as the Bundys, a dysfunctional family from Chicago.