Married... With Children

Season 9 Episode 4

Naughty but Niece

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 1994 on FOX



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    • Griff: I used to have a place to go. Then I got divorced. Now, I got two places I don't go. Yup, divorced. She got the house, the car, the money. I got the right to remain silent. But that's fair, I guess. Course what really ticks me off is that even Michael Jackson's married and I'm not.

    • Marcy: Guess what. We're going to have a new addition to our family.
      Al: Well shouldn't you be sitting on it waiting for it to hatch?

    • Al: Why don't you study upstairs?
      Bud: Because Kelly's blasting music in her room. Some band she wants to see, Otitis Media.
      Al: What a stupid name.
      Bud: Otitis Media?
      Al: No, Kelly.

    • (While at the shoe store)
      Bud: Who are you?
      Griff: Name's Griff. I work here.
      Bud: That's funny. Dad never told me he hired another guy.
      Griff: And who are you?
      Bud: Bud. Al Bundy's my father.
      Griff: That's funny. He never told me he had a son.
      Bud: Daughter?
      Griff: Nope.
      Bud: Wife?
      Griff: Not living.
      Bud: Four touchdowns in one game?
      Griff: Oh, hell, yeah! That's why I told him to go home. I couldn't stand it anymore.

    • (After everyone else has left)
      Bud: I guess it's just you and me, Buck boy.
      Buck: Uh-oh, I've seen porno movies that have started this way.

    • Bud: Dad, whatever you do. Just don't send me to my room, especially for a whole week. That would kill me.
      (Al thinks it over)
      Al: You go to your room! For... one... week!
      Bud: You are a cruel, but fair man.

    • Al: The Bears are playing the Rams, and if you lose to the Rams you get thrown out of the league.

    • (Amber is at the window)
      Amber: Psst! Psst!
      (Bud looks under his bed)
      Bud: Damn leaky rubber woman!

    • Bud: This is all the money I have. So, Dad, here. Take some money and go to the Nudie Bar. (Gives Al some money)

      Al: Game's not over.

      Sports Announcer: And the Rams take the field.

      Al: Okay, it's over.

  • Notes

    • This is the first appearance of Harold Sylvester in the role of Griff, Al's coworker at the shoe store for the remainder of the series.

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