Married... With Children

Season 1 Episode 11

Nightmare on Al's Street

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 1987 on FOX



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    • (Steve knocks on the door)
      Al: Who is it?
      Steve: Steven Bartholemew Rhoades!
      Al: (goes to get the door) Bartholemew? (opens the door)
      Steve: Al, I'm horny. What are you gonna do about it?

    • Marcy: How could you marry such a chauvinistic, sexist man?
      Peggy: A dare.
      Al: Look, I'm not sexist. I'm just saying women don't know nothing. Asphalt and finances are male-oriented fields. And since Steve is as close to a male that you have, he should be in on the decision.

    • Peggy: Al, Marcy's here.
      Al: Nice try Peg, but I'm still hungry. Where's my breakfast?
      Peggy: The dog ate it.
      Al: I see he put the pots and pans away too.

    • Marcy: I can't believe you told him.
      Peggy: I can't believe you dream about him.
      Al: I can't believe everybody doesn't!

    • Peggy: I thought you liked the Cubs.
      Kelly: I do. I just hate watchin' them from the roof on that apartment building where Dad always gets the seats.
      Peggy: Well honey. Maybe some day they'll forget about that fan interference call that kept the Cubs out of the World Series and let Daddy back into the stadium.
      Kelly: I hope so. It looks so stupid with just us and the Pulaskis doin' the wave.

    • Peggy: In the sixteen years I've been married to Al I've learned there are certain things never to ask for. Never approach him for sex during Wide World of Sports, unless women's gymnastics are on, then you gotta shot. Never approach him for sex in the morning, he thinks that is just disgusting. And never ever tell him he's right.
      Marcy: Why?
      Peggy: Because he's a man, Marcy. And the only thing uglier than a man who thinks he's right is Al. Believe me I know this from experience.

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    • TITLE: Nightmare on Al's Street
      The title is taken from the movies starring Robert Englund,A Nightmare on Elm Street. Funny, because Robert would later return to play the devil in "Damn Bundys."

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