Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 1993 on FOX

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  • No MA"AM

    This was a really FUNNY episode. Unfortunately--it pretty much signaled the END of truly creative episodes to come as the kept re-using the NO MA"AM Storyline over and over and over. On its own this is standout episode ,but when you factor in so many subsequent No Ma'am story lines that stretched the stories very thin it is a sort of signaled the END coming for the show.
  • greatest married with children show...EVER

    this is a highly under rated show in the history of married with children. if this is not classified as one of the funniest ever i dont know what it would be. Al rips jerry springer like none other in classic al fashion. the no ma\'am organization is hilarius inside the garage when they make fun of each other\'s wives. when they tie up jerry at the end and say their demands is probably the best part of this episode. making fun of marcy at any time and calling her a chicken is funny no matter what episode it takes place in.
  • Defines Married... With Children

    This show as a whole is basically nothing but sexual jokes. And this episode, almost every single joke is sexual, or sexist. So, this episode is basically a representative of what the entire show is about.

    Al and his buddies are fed up with Jerry Springer, the Masculine Feminist, who is fighting for women's rights. So, they go on his show, say stuff about women and have a list of things they want done.

    A REALLY sexist episode I am sure might have made some people mad back when it aired, but it is kinda funny, and surely has to be one of the most popular of the show