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Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 1993 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Al is explaining to Jerry Springer why 1952 was such a good year, he mentions, among other things, that Ike was in the White House. Ike (or Eisenhower) didn't become president until 1953.

    • This was the first appearance of the recurring characters Officer Dan, Bob Rooney, and Barney

  • Quotes

    • Al: Listen Jerry, bowling is a man's sport. If God had wanted women to bowl, he would have put their breasts on their backs so we would have something to watch while waiting our turn.
      Jerry Springer: And where are you calling from sir, 1952?
      Al: I wish. That was a great year for America. Ike was in the White House, women were in the kitchen, and guys like you were in the closet.
      Jerry Springer: And, you forgot to mention where you were. I suspect in a zoo someplace throwing your feces at a passing tourist.
      Al: Once again, I wish.

    • Al: Where a buck's enough to see their stuff.
      Guys: At the nudie bar!
      Jefferson: Where the breasts may be fake, but man do they shake.
      Guys: At the nudie bar!
      Bob Rooney: Where you swear like a sailor and wish you could nail 'er.
      Guys: At the nudie bar!
      Al: Where there's a cop at the door and a Kennedy on the floor.
      Guys: At the nudie bar!

    • Officer Dan: Aren't you Jerry Springer, The Masculine Feminist?
      Jerry: Yes, I am.
      Officer Dan: Tie him back up!

    • Al: Doesn't the Constitution guarantee us Life, Nudity, and the persuit of Happiness?
      Bob Rooney: Are you sure that's Nudity?

  • Notes

    • Notice the scene in which Peggy searches the phone book for a fake name to adopt, while Al is holding the tv show hostage. She suggests "Berkowitz" and "Borden", both of which Kelly rejects because she cannot spell them. This is actually a very clever inside joke, as David Berkowitz (aka The Son Of Sam) and Lizzy Borden were both notorious was Ted BUNDY.

    • NO MA'AM stands for National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood.

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