Married... With Children

Season 4 Episode 9

Oh, What a Feeling

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1989 on FOX
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Tired of having to push his broken down car to and from work, Al decides it's finally time to buy a new car. He sets off to the dealership with $5,000 he's been saving for the past ten years in a shoe box for just this occasion, but he's in for a shock when he finally opens it.


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  • I remember this episode, it was so funny and the garage scenes were so excellent, and Al look great in the end of the episode.

    I remember this episode, it was so funny and the garage scenes were so excellent, and Al look great in the end of the episode. The music on the radio sounded great, and the scene where Al was mad at the car saleman was funny as heck. Plus, I love the car's hood always when up the Al closed the door.

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    • Bud: Dad, why don't we just get a new car?
      Al: Bud, you don't throw something away just because it doesn't work. If that was the case, you wouldn't have a mother.

    • (Al pushes in an old Gremlin vehicle into the garage to the tune of 'King of the Road')
      Al: Oh, no... why, God? What have I done? Am I not fit to die?
      Peggy: Whoo! Good choice, Honey. It's a much lighter car.
      Al: Yeah, I can almost pull this one.

    • Al: All right everybody, let's hold it right there. Now, how long have I known you guys. What, about two, three hundred years? In that time, I've learned to do without several things: a yacht, a summer home, love, respect, food. I can accept that. But I will not live one more day without a car that runs. So, no more advice. I will go out on my own and find my own used-car lot, and if I come home tonight, God willing, it will be behind the wheel of something that goes "vroom!" Al Bundy pushes no more. Now, get out of my car!

    • Peggy: Hi, Honey. I saw you pushing your new car up the street. How do you like it?
      Al: Well, it pushes pretty smooth. But a little tough passing on the expressways. But the handling more than makes up for it.

    • Peggy: You are really mad about this? You know, if anyone should be mad, it's me. You're the one that's hiding money from me.
      Al: You would have squandered it all for yourself.
      Peggy: Of course I would! So, why are you acting so surprised?

    • Al: Honey, could you come out in the backyard with me? I have the urge to bury something big and red.

    • Al: You know, you kids have been so great. Why don't you hop in this car and I'll push the two of you to the ice cream parlor.
      Kelly: Thanks, Dad! Oh, and push it fast so we'll look cool.

    • (Al pushes in the garage his broken down car to the tune of 'I Get Around')
      Al: Yep, one more payment, and you're all mine.

    • Bud: Hi, mum.
      Peggy: Hi, Kelly.
      Kelly: Hi, mum.
      Peggy: Hi, Bud.
      Al: Hi, Peg, and before you say "Hi, the milkman", it's me.
      Peggy: I know, I have a nose.

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