Married... With Children

Season 7 Episode 24

Old Insurance Dodge

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 09, 1993 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Al discovers that his Dodge has been stolen from in front of his house, and is disappointed when the insurance company offers him only $50 for his loss. Jefferson convinces Al that he deserves a lot more and tells him how to defraud the insurance company.

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      • Al: I lost my dodge. It's really, really gone. And it figures. Three weeks to the day I wash the damn thing, it gets stolen. Somebody call the police.
        Bud: What for? The call costs more than the car.
        Al: Yes, and it costs more than the condom I should've used the night you were conceived.

      • Bud: Why are you watching Spanish television?
        Kelly: Spanish? I thought they were just English words I didn't know.

      • Jefferson: They pay you for what's in the car as well. Now what did you have in the trunk?
        Al: Parts of the carburetor left over from when I took it apart, a salami that I was aging.
        Jefferson: No, Al, you tell them you had jewelry, paintings, cash.
        Al: And a salami.
        Jefferson: Follow me, Al, two salamis.
        Al: I think I'm starting to get your drift. I think I had a loaf of bread in there too.

      • Kelly: It says here we can get a Mercedes for 50 K's. We don't even need money! I've got plenty of "K's" upstairs in letters from school that say "Kelly is an idiot". And there's stuff in the newspaper about President Clinton and his cat.
        (Al stares)
        Bud: Yeah, and there's stuff about the campaign controversy.
        Kelly: Wow, it's a cornucopia of K's.

      • Al: Hello police, I'd like to report a... burglary. Description? Ahh 4 feet tall, seven feet wide, smoke belching out the rear, weighs 2 tons... No it ain't Oprah. No its not Delta Burke, who would call to complain if she was missing?
        It's my Dodge, Hello?

      • (Peg is talking to the insurance company on the phone)
        Peg: Liar? No one has ever called me that in all my 24 years.

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