Married... With Children

Season 5 Episode 17

Oldies but Young 'Uns

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 1991 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • If the music store jukebox had the record that Al was looking for, how could the store clerk claim to have never heard of the song before?

  • Quotes

    • Al: This is bad. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't bury the wife in the back yard.

    • Kelly: (to Vinnie) I'm not home!
      Vinnie Verducci: Then is it okay if I wait?
      Bud: (to Peggy) Mom, if my mixed up theory at the hospital is correct, I'd say we just found Kelly's natural brother.

    • Peggy: Al, the suspense is boring us. Tell us what he said.
      Al: He said "The colors. The colors. Has anybody seen my good friend John?" Then he lit up a banana and then he hung up.

    • Al: I got Rick Cool himself.
      Bud: Oh, Rick Cool, huh? Did Bobby "23 Skiddoo" quit?

    • Al: All I wanted was a stinkin' .45! The record or the gun... heck, at this point, I'd settle for the malt liquor!

    • Charlie Verducci: (singing along with the theme to the "Patty Duke Show" on TV) They look alike, they walk alike, sometimes they even talk alike... no wonder, they're both Patty Duke. Duh!

    • Al: Mad, am I? I'm not doing anything any rational man wouldn't do. Now you get that oldies station back on or the walls will be your tomb! All of you!

    • Radio DJ: You know, alot of people think the name of that song is "Go With Him"... but it's not!
      Al: What is it? What is it?!
      Radio DJ: Now here's our fifth song of 5,000 in a row! That's right, we're going for the record: Two full years of uninterrupted music.

    • Al: I have the perfect plan to figure this whole thing out, now what we'll do is we'll just sit here and we'll name every song that was ever made until we get it.

  • Notes

    • Christina Applegate and Matt LeBlanc (who plays Kelly's love interest in this epsiode)played opposite each other again on LeBlanc's series "Friends" when she played Rachel's sister.

    • The song that drives Al crazy is "Anna (Go to Him)," which was a minor hit in 1962 for R&B/soul singer Arthur Alexander. A year later it was recorded by the Beatles and released on their first album.

    • Suli McCullough would later gain fame as Mouse on the Jaime Fox Show, THe voice of the Clown in Scary Movie 2 and Crazy Legs in Don't Be A Menace to Society WHile Drinking Your Gin And Juice.

    • This episode introduces the characters Vinnie and Charlie Verducci, who were to be the lead characters in the spin off series, Top of the Heap. Matt LeBlanc and Joseph Bologna are credited as special guest stars.

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