Married... With Children

Season 1 Episode 9

Peggy Sue Got Work

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 31, 1987 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Al refuses to buy Peg a VCR, so Marcy convinces her to get a job at Mulden's department store. Peg soon regrets taking the advice, but concludes the only way to regain her easy lifestyle is to get Al to make her quit.

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  • Peggy gets a job in a watch department store

    Peg wants a vcr to record her afternoon talk shows. This is one of the first times we see Peg becoming a lazy couch potato that she becomes later on, she even agrees that she wants to be a couch potato and never work. It's funny cause later on she wouldnt even clean the house or cook but in this episode she's got an actual job. When peggy works you can kind of see the same hate that Al has when he works at the shoe store. You get to see some great background information on Al and Peg's relationship.moreless

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    • Al: Few words of advice. As soon as you walk out that door you'll feel a warm sensation on your head and shoulders. Don't panic, that's just our friend - the sun.
      Peggy: And Al, if you should feel a sudden sharp pain where you sit, that's just your friend - my foot.

    • Marcy: Just a second Steve, I'm settling an argument here. Al is a cheap, sexist, primitive throwback of a human being.
      Steve: So what's the argument?

    • Al: Now remember, kids, this is your mother's first day at work. She's probably a little nervous, a little insecure, so when she comes down those stairs I want everyone to stand behind her like a family - and try not to laugh.

    • Al: (to Peggy) You can't have a VCR.
      Marcy: What gives you the right to make that decision?
      (showing Marcy a cheque)
      Al: Because the name on this cheque says "Al Bumby". (looks closer) Al Bumby? Well, that's not important. What's important is that I can cash it - maybe - because I earned it, and that's the bottom line.

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    • The episode title is a reference to the Buddy Holly song "Peggy Sue Got Married". There was also a 1986 movie "Peggy Sue Got Married" with Kathleen Turner.