Married... With Children

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 1987 on FOX

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  • Pilot

    You wouldn't be able to tell from this episode that it would go on to become an iconic TV series, but you did see groundbreaking signs and a movement toward an edgier take on family comedy than we had seen before. A solid start, but we know it got better from here.
  • A Funny Start

    In the start of the show its not as crazy as can be. It still has the feel of the show. The plot is like many shows. Meet the characters with a small plot. Seeing the style of the show. Al is still good in the pilot. As he wants to go to a game. He cant cause of company. The next door neighbors Steve and Marcy. Allready Al and Peggy are messing up their Marriage. Al's first best line. I hate these people. Plus u gonna nuder him too. Plus where are your kids. I dont know. In the end it was a nice simple funny start to a great comedy.
  • Al gets free basketball tickets but peg tells him he cant go because their is a new couple next door coming over.

    This has to be one the greatest tv introductions for a series that i have ever seen. I feel the pilot was still family friendly but at the same time pushing the line what a family show could do. Even though the pilot is different than later episodes their was still things they used later on(fat jokes and hating his wife) but still really fun to watch.
  • A good start for this classic series.

    In this series opener we find Al and Peggy Bundy for the first time, which are actually light versions of what these characters will develop in the next eleven years. Their fight for the buying of juice turns the humor domestic and certainly gives the series and air of a normal family, somethign the Cosby\'s reallt lack on. Since the beginning Bud and Kelly fight like normal brothers and the nozy neighbors appeared to be perfect until Al and Peg discover that married life is more than it seemed.

    For the Bundy\'s there is still a long road to travel and a lot of strange characteristcs to develop, still it is a very good series opener and an episode a true fan of Married with Children must watch.
  • A great start, but still a little tame regarding the eventual characture profiles of later episodes.

    The true feel of The Bundys was still very much in devellopment in this first episode. Al and Peg showed signs of passion and caring, which were largely gone in later episodes. They even willingly kiss each other in this episode, whereas it nearly takes drugs or bribery to get Al to even touch Peggy in later episodes.
    In fact, looking back with the perspective of later episodes, Al and Peggy behave more like Steve and Marcy than they behave like the Al and Peggy that we truely get to know and love in the seasons to come.

    Interesting, but not typical of later MWC episodes.
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