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Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 3

Proud to Be Your Bud?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1993 on FOX
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Episode Summary

After yet another failed attempt at creating a persona to attract women, Bud retires to his parents' basement, where he begins hearing voices. Meanwhile, Al navigates a complicated telephone menu system in an attempt to order an alternator for his Dodge.

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      • Peg: Al, Bud is really upset.
        Al: Bud's upset? Listen to this...
        Phone Operator: If your car is a Pacer, press 61. If your car is a Studebaker, press 62.
        Peg: (about Bud) He said that he is never dating again and he wants to live in the basement forever.
        Al: Sounds like a good plan. Wish I'd thought of it.

      • Al: (after seeing Bud in a cowboy outfit) Peg, I must be hallucinating. I could've sworn that Yosemite Sam just passed me.
        Peg: That was Bud.
        Al: Oh, then it must be fall.

      • Marcy: Peggy, don't worry. I'm sure all Bud needs is a man to talk to. (looks around) Where can we find one? Where can we find one? Al, have you seen a man?
        Al: No, but I've seen a woman who can make one sterile.

      • Jefferson: Peggy, maybe you're overreacting.
        Marcy: You know, he's right. Maybe Bud's just going through a normal phase.
        Bud: (from the basement) Don't talk to me that way, Bud Bundy!
        Cool Bud: Who are you calling Bud Bundy?
        Marcy: Maybe you should just seal him up now and cut your losses.

      • Phone operator: (To Al) Welcome to Herb's World of Junk!
        Al: Hey Herb, Al Bundy here. I was wondering... (Gets cut off)
        Phone Operator: ...if you want these instructions in Spanish, press 1. For French, press 2.
        Al: Don't ya love these things!

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      • Twilight Zone:

        This episode has some things in common with the original Twilight Zone episode, "Nervous Man in a Four-Dollar Room", in which a cheap hood is finally asked by the top dog to actually kill someone or be killed himself. While waiting for the killing hour, his reflection looks out at him from the mirror and argues with him over all the wrong things he's ever done in his life. The image tells him he has always been inside of him, trying to make him a better man, but he has always listened to others to know what to do, and lost everything important to him on the way, and that if he kills or not, he is sure to end up dead after this job, because he is a loser. The image asks to take over the body, and eventually wins, becoming the new dominant self of the body, tells the top dog he resigns from the gang, and he begins to straighten out his life, while his old weak self is now the one in the mirror.

      • The episode title was also a popular Budweiser slogan.

      • Voice: If you build it, he will come... if you want them to build it for you, press 1.
        This is a spoof of the movie Field of Dreams with Ray Liotta and James Earl Jones.