Married... With Children

Season 10 Episode 3

Requiem for a Dead Briard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1995 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Kelly is having a hard time dealing with the death of Buck, and the family tries several approaches to help her find closure. Meanwhile, Buck is put on trial in the afterlife to determine what he will be reincarnated as.

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  • superb

    The family dog, Buck, dies, and everyone tries to make Kelly feel better, because Kelly is feeling more upset over it than anyone. Will they be able to cheer her up?

    OK episode. Had some good parts, Al was pretty funny in this one, but a lot of the last half of it bored me a little. For an episode about death, it didn't do much for me. You'd think we'd feel a little sympathy, but I didn't really. Oh well. It was a mostly good episode, only downside is the last half boring me a little, but the first half was really funny, so because of all of this my final grade is a B+moreless
Kevin Schon

Kevin Schon

Felix D. Katt/Mouse Lawyer

Guest Star

Roger Rose

Roger Rose

Voice of Tweety and Bailiff

Guest Star

Don Novello

Don Novello

Father Guido Sarducci

Guest Star

Kathleen Freeman

Kathleen Freeman

Peg's Mom (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The title card at the end of the episode reads: "Dedicated to Buck the Dog, who with this episode begins a well earned retirement and hopefully a nice gig as a stud. We'll miss you, buddy. Lift a leg. –The Producers"

    • This is the first episode where the offical website scrolls in the credits.

    • When Al is telling the family that peg's mother had eaten the new bird, Tweety you can see Ed ( Al) is struggling not to laugh he takes a pause for a second when he grips the railing to stop from laughing.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Peg: (about their new dog) What should we name him?
      Kelly: I know. Let's call him Lucky. Lucky Bundy.
      Al: Gee, I was saving that name for my tombstone.

    • (Everyone brings home a bird to be Kelly's new pet)
      Bud: He does great celebrity impressions.
      Jefferson: And he knows over 150 different words.
      Peg: That's got your father beat right there.
      Kelly: Yeah, but he's not Buck. Can he roll over and play dead?
      Marcy: Buck couldn't do that.
      Al: 'Til now.

    • (Al runs to Peg's mom's bedroom to find out what happened to Tweety)
      Al: (to Peg's mom) What do you mean you thought it was a chicken? When was the last time you heard a chicken do a Marlon Brando impression?

    • (Al comes down out of Peg's mom's bedroom after discovering the pet bird, Tweety is gone. He comes down with a sad expression on his face)
      Al: Well... I-I've got some good news and I've got some bad news. The good news is Tweety knew over 150 words.
      Bud: What's the, um, what's the bad news, Dad?
      Al: Bad news is that none of them were "please don't eat me!"

    • Lucky: Uh-oh. Those voices sound oddly familiar. If I could just get these newborn eyes to focus...
      (Sees the Bundys and D'Arcys)

    • Al: Would Buck like to have a little shoe up his blowhole?

    • Al: At $1200 for a 70-pound dog, do you realize how expensive your mom's gonna be? I'd say bury her at sea, but then we'd have one less sea.
      Peggy: All right, Al, you can say what you want about Mom...
      Al: Okay. She's a great, big, pile of...
      Peg: (interrupting Al) ...but I want you to be careful what you say about Buck around Kelly. She was closer to him than any of us and she's gonna need some extra love and attention.

    • (Discussing Peg's mom)
      Al: There's no pet in the world that wouldn't fit in that woman's mouth. She can unhinge her jaw like an anaconda!

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