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  • Nothing like it

    I absolutely love this show. Kelly {Christina Applegate} is unbelievably hot. Every one of them work perfectly together. Lots of rewatchability.
  • awsome show

    This show is so funny its ridicilous. All characters are perfect. I can watch it again and again. No downtime on this show thats for sure.
  • Top Shows of the 80s/90s

    Various ep (99-13)
  • One of the very best sitcoms ever

    This sitcom is definitely one of the bests. 11 seasons, and still the last ones are funny (I know some people think it went down, but watching again the 10th or 11th, it's really funny). Al Bundy might be the best TV character ever. I don't really see anybody to contest that.

    If you had to find bad points, I would say the 3 spin-off pilot episodes, bad episodes which ended up on 3 failed spin-offs.
  • My All-Time Favorite Sitcom

    Years after this show was canceled, this show remains one of the funniest shows on TV. All the characters have made me laugh, and I also feel bad for Al going through all that torture. If someone has a bad day, they should watch this show and after seeing Al's life, they'd feel better in an instant.
  • one of the best sitcoms ever made.

    I love this show. I watch it all the time. I love how it pushed the boundaries for what you can show on TV and sitcoms.
  • Did you know?

    Did you know Ed O'Neill("Al" on "married with children") received his black-belt in the martial arts in 2007? Check it out at
  • Just started watching this great show from the 80's

    I like the show and it's humor it's funny the dumb blonde sister and the smart short older brother and Al he's the funniest but what I don't understand Peg maybe if she was mean't to ugly like AL says she is all the time maybe they should have cast a Ugly person I just couldn't see why he would have a problem hitting that like he always does but the show is funny straight down hilarious I love it I watch it at 4:00am to 7:00am which is the only time it comes on channel 26 tbs
  • As Great As They Come!!!

    One of the Best shows ever in Television! I give AL BUNDY and his 4 Touchdowns in one game for POLK HIGH 10++++++!!!! Thank you God for Retro Stations!!!!!!
  • Hahahahahaha...

    ...this program is hilarious. Oh sorry, I was watching something else. Married with children is rubbish.
  • The Greatest

    I love this show. The older episodes were alot better becuase they had less of a filter. They were less PC back then. I love how Al would corrupt Steve.
  • married

    I would really love it if all the co stars from married with children would just do one more show together. I use to watch this show with my parents when i was a little girl and now i have my own family and we watch it almost everyday on netflex...
  • Fox's first big success is one of the best shows ever in history. "Married With Children" is perfect in every way.

    "Married With Children" is one of those shows that you need to see before you die. "Married With Children" is one of the best shows ever made. "Married With Children" is arguably FOX's first success and the show that saved the network from almost being forgotten. "Married With Children" is about AL Bundy a miserable shoe salesman who hates his job, his wife is lazy, his son is focusing on scoring with chicks and his daughter is promiscuous and dim-witted. "Married With Children" sounds like a show about a family and they're misadventures but, it's more about AL Bundy than the rest. "Married With Children" has adult themes and uses those themes very creatively and intelligently. Many clones after the end of this show tried to get the sprit but, all failed. The clones for example are "Happily Never After" and "The War At Home". "Married With Children" is very funny and intelligent. "Married With Children" has great performances from everybody. And like how this show doesn't try to teach a moral even when they seem to teach a moral, it's a joke not a actually lesson. "Married With Children" is just perfect. "Married With Children" is a must see for anybody and for anybody who's want to make sitcoms when they're older.
  • Raunchy

    This show is basically nothing but sexual jokes. I have not seen one episode with loads of sex jokes. Ye it is really funny. Al Bundy is a man who gets no good luck in life. He is by far the most popular character on the whole show.

    His wife Peggy has weird hair, lazy, likes to sit down, watch Oprah, and eat bonbons all day.

    His Daughter Kelly is promiscuous, very unintelligent. His son Bud wants nothing but sex.

    Neighbors, the Rhoades {D'arcys in seasons 5 and up} are usually good for some laughs.

    This show is really vulgar and raunchy, but it is a classic nonetheless.
  • this came before the Simpsons

    Married With Children dealt with the very First Disfuntional TV Family before the Simpsons and the Griffins ever were even thought up.Al Bundy was the first Tv Dad you just loved to hate.Not to Mention his wife who was lazy person who ate Bon Bons watched Oprah.And there's the Bundy children Kelly of coures the smoking hot daughter and Bud the hopeless virgin who trying to get lucky and of. This show was the first to push the envelope it lasted for 11 wonderful years on Telivision it would be long now before shows like this would follow this kind of humor and to remake it would be a terrible crime.
  • One of the best sitcoms ever.

    Married With Children really put FOX on the map. It was the first sitcom to change the stereotypical TV view of a family. It pushed the envelope every episode with material that at that time (late 1980s) "wasn't suitable" for family TV. But the show was hillarious. The characters were always fighting, they were mean and crude but at the same time they were likeable. Ed O'Neill's Al Bundy is legendary. His physical acting was amazing and even though he was miserable and cruel, we sympathized with him and even felt proud when he finally caught a break. And with the combination of Peg (Katey Sagal), Kelly (Christina Applegate), and Bud (David Faustino), it made one hell of a hillarious sitcom. WOOOOAH BUNDY!
  • Al Bundy and his Chicago Bundy family have epic stories along with neighbors and friends. Al has his wars with Marcy Darcy, relives his HS football stories, and has fun with his friends in No Ma'am.

    This is the GREATEST show in TV Sitcom history!

    Al Bundy marries high school sweet heart Peggy Bundy who he blames the fall of his football career on constantly. They have 2 children, an airhead model/actress Kelly Bundy and Smart/perverted Bud Bundy. The neighbor Marcy makes frequent visits to the Bundy's home with her husbands Steve or Jefferson. Al hates his job and life, but goes through it with his friends and organized group "No Ma'am". throughout the hilarious series, They travel to Florida, Hollywood, Las Vegas, the dreaded Wanker County, as well as many other spots. The Bundy's may not be the most functional family, but when it comes to family they stick together and never let anyone insult or disrespect them. Married with Children put the Fox Network on the map, and if you don't agree with me, ask the heads of Fox. Al Bundy is maybe the greatest character in TV/Sitcom History. There are so many classic episodes in this series history. They did things on TV that were unheard of at the time. The Dance Show dealt with gay marriage. Al and Peggy were way different from the normal family shows of The Waltons or The Cosbys! The greatest travesty in TV history is that Married with Children did not get a final episode and have it go out on it's own terms. The least Fox could've done was give them a final season, even if it was only 10 episodes. The reuion a few years ago was great, it was awesome to see them all together again. the show should get a higher than 10 out of 10, but you can't do that!
  • Married... was one of the first "sticking shows" for FOX and FoxNet. Watching on Sunday nights from '89 to the end, history was being made on a new fledgling network. However, the total results were medium.

    Married... had some great moments during it's earlier days. I remember watching "FOXNET" (Now "FX"), and seeing a different kind of humor. I watched this last night on the "CW network" non primetime feed, and thought it got dumb in the end.

    Kellie Bundy was the airhead, along with neighbor, Marcy's Husbands. That didn't appeal to me at all.

    Bud, a nerdy geek, tried desperately to become "cool," by embracing what the show never really showed. The ghetto. "Master B," as he was called, did not have a place in the show, because it was really not a basis of anything. It came out of the blue. That also did not appeal to me.

    Peg was better as a less than hip person. In the beginning, she was **** relaxed, and no primadonna. Towards the end, her hair color changed, just like the character. Peg became the total diva, who was more uptight. Al Bundy was just stupid. From early days to the end. The writers of the show did not paint the typical male of the show to be in a positive light. It kinda showed Al as being a caveman, well before ABC introduced the caveman show, 10 years later. Toilet humor is not what I would consider funny. With Al Bundy, it was one of the main events of the show. You knew what it was about, when you all the sudden heard a toilet flush.

    In the beginning it was a better show. Too many changes from cast, to writers, to directors, did not improve the series. I was actually surprised that it went on as it had, for as many years as it had. However, the show did have some big names on it, for it's time. It was supposed to e the new "All In the Family," but did not live up to it's potential, at the end.
  • It's very unbalanced as a show.

    The show is about the bundy family, all bundy is a shoes sales man and his wife is just and "House" wife. The problem with this show is that in some episodes your laughing your ass off, and sometimes you almost fall asleep. And the show got a bit repeated in the last 2 seasons. Well im not the hugest fan of sitcomes, but in the first 2 seasons the show was realy good, and then it went downhill fast. If you like sitcomes with sometime braindead humor this is fun, and i admit it, i like the braindead humor, but after 200+ of episodes it get's bad, and thats quick.
  • dumb-humor appeals to many

    This sitcom has its occasional good laughs, but they are always from humor about empty-headedness, sex or sexism, and insults, all in *wildly* unrealistic situations. There is no intellectual humor or creative language play here, nor are there story lines that would allow you to actually relate to the characters rather than seeing them plain stupid, every single one of them, at every moment, in every show. Even the extras.

    However, this kind of mindlessness and slapstick, this kind of sex-centered, insult-centered, stupid-humor, appeals to many people, including my husband, which is why I've seen most episodes. It's all a matter of preference.

    People like me who prefer more intelligent humor with some cleverness or character development have to be in a real "I hate the world, everyone sucks" mood to want to watch this. Then we can laugh at how unlucky, dumb, and base the Bundys are, and think it's hilarious when they fall out of second story windows or get kicked in the b@lls. We hope that the world "poops" on them because that is what they deserve, and we are rewarded.

    Every time I see this show I feel like I wasted my time. IMO there are better and certainly more reliable ways to laugh. Yet my husband loves the show and would watch it all day. Apparently so would many others.
  • Annoying.

    I have watched a few times and I think that it was a show that was for those who liked the quick punch-line. This wasn't a funny show at all, but I must say it had some interesting bits. The actors and actresses in this show were good. The writing was not good, at least to me. I don't know why, but I think that I was most bothered by the misuse of certain characters. Overall, this was an average show that bored me some times, but I must say that it wasn't the worst. It wasn't really a must-see show. Thank you.
  • Hilarious

    This show made Fox what Fox is today. Married with Children is a classic comedy. The show stars Al Bundy a shoe salesman, Peggy his lazy bon bon eating wife, Kelly his very hot daughter, Bud the runt of the family and the only intelligent one, and their neighbors Marcy the banker who looks very similar to a chicken, and her husband Jefferson that married her for money. This so will always be a great sitcom about an average family that seem to only tolerate each other... in a loving way. I still think this show deserved a finally episode.
  • this was a huge classic show for fox

    maried with children changed thigs when it started in the 1980s it came after having shows like the cosby that loving family well married with children destroyed that pictured it made you keep laugh and laughing over and over again the buddyswere a very disfuntional family and brought you a whole new look on a family sitcom. the eps were clasic with kelly being stupid and bod not able to get with the ladys and you got ale who is a very bad father who works as a shoe salesman who says alot of abad stuff towards fat ladys. and the next store neibors who are hilorious such a good classic.
  • Married ... With Children was one of my favorite television shows ever. It ran from 1987-1997. This was a great show about a hilariously messed up family (the Bundys) and their neighbors. It was great from start to finish.

    Married ... With Children was one of my favorite television shows ever. It ran from 1987-1997. This was a great show about a hilariously messed up family (the Bundys) and their neighbors. It was great from start to finish. The Bundy's were a funny bunch with Al (the father) being a beat down shoe salesman at the local mall, Peggy (the mother) being a lazy housewife, Kelly (the daughter) being a super sexy, really dumb blond, and Bud (the son) being a smart, but unpopular guy. Their closest neighbors were always visiting them. Marcy was the young wife and she had two husbands during the span of the show (Steve and Jefferson). The Bundys were always getting themselves in trouble and it was always very funny.
  • Classics are far and few between. These days, far too few. Married With Children was one of the last batch of classic shows that went far and beyond just trying to get a few laughs. This show wanted me in their family and to laugh along with them.

    There is far too much for me to say about Married With Children (MWC) that has already been said by anyone else who appreciated this show and what it did for its audience and TV as a whole. But I can say exactly what I feel about why MWC is probably among if not the funniest sitcom I will ever watch.

    No review would be complete without a quick synopsis. For me, this would be like trying to sum up my own life in a few sentences as the show is both easy and complicated to explain. But the short of it is, The Bundy's aren't your normal, happy family on the block. Or are they? From the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois, Al (Shoe Salesman), Peggy (Self Proclaimed Home Maker and Shopaholic), Bud (Student and Sex-Challenged), and Kelly ("Popular" Girl and World's Biggest Ditz) have a love/hate relationship that everybody should laugh at for being both absurdly horrible to one another one minute, and the next showing each other the love only a family member can, only in their own Bundy way. And that is what this show is all about. Both with one another and themselves, the show is about the difference between what the family shows on the surface and when it really counts.

    With that out of the way, why is it that I love MWC so much? Mainly its the way that it shows how things that seem like they don't have anything in common, or don't have anything to agree about, actually in the end do. It may be through love, or something weird or ridiculous, but with MWC its always funny and thats what counts to me when watching a sitcom. This show didn't give me cheesy morals or predictable tender moments. And even when it did, it was always in the Bundy way. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The most obvious way it does is of course the relationship everyone has with one another and the world. Al may seem to loathe Peggy, but would kill for her. Peggy may seem to lust after other men or neglect her wifely duties, but she'd never leave Al or not defend him when it counts. Bud and Kelly have the same brother and sister love/hate relationship and some of the funniest moments are when they are hilariously cruel and stick up for one another. The Bundy's usually end up circling the wagons when the outside world tries to get in on the picking on one another. That duty is tightly reserved for Bundy's only. And they aren't shy about making that known when it counts. As you can see, "when it counts" is the main theme and they go out of their way to prove it to make the softer moments towards one another that much better.

    But MWC establishes this "opposites aren't really" theme in many more ways. I've always said that MWC's dialogue is the best in a TV comedy I've ever heard. And every time I watch it, I say it again and again. OK admittedly, more from a certain era of shows, but let's not get nit-picky. More often than not, when watching random re-runs, I get reminded of just how great their dialogue is. They blend such a crass, everyday sort of language with one another, with random spurts of formality in their speaking. It is pure genius. It would seem like this kind of thing would be way out of place for a low-class family, but it isn't. It just makes what they say a whole lot funnier. A recent episode I watched has Bud saying "This, I vow.". Now who says that in real life? But its comedy at its best. Too bad I'm not sophisticated enough to explain why that is funny. It just is. The show is peppered with such formal, almost archaic style phrases and sentence structures that put an emphasis on everything they say. And I haven't ever seen this kind of formula from any other show I've watched since then. So original, so Bundy-essque.

    Pesronally, its both strange and proud for me to say that it has shaped my take on the world and my humor. Okay, so it didn't shape my relationships much as the Bundy's aren't exactly role models, and they certainly don't want to be. But this is a comedy, so humor is what counts. From that point of view, its shown me how to find humor in unlikely places, people, and situations. That things don't have to be funny to be funny. Nor purposely said funny to be funny. You just have to have that sort of blind confidence and self-deprecating sense of humor that the Bundy's are so good at getting across to take life for what it is. Whether you fail or succeed, you'll always be who you are, and nothing is ever so serious that you can't laugh at yourself for being you.
  • Married with Children was a show about Al Bundy the former football star turned shoe salesmen and his hilariously ungrateful family. I loved every minute of it.

    I love watching this show. I've watched it since I was a kid and barely understood the sexual innuendos. Al Bundy was a riot. Bud aka Grand Master B would have me dying laughing so hard that my parents would have to come and check on me. It's weird watching the show now that I am older and realizing what some of the jokes I missed actually mean. No Ma'am was so bad but so entertaining especially when Jefferson would sell out when he saw Marcy. Married With Children was an excellent show and brought me hours of laughs. I was so excited when I saw that episodes were put on-line.
  • A real life cartoon!

    Married... with children, if you will is "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" with a smidgen of South Park put to life. The show with the kind of humor that will rip on anyone, everything, never apologize and still get away with it. A show that would fit in the category of a world class cartoon. Most shows reflect on real life and difficult situations that people are put in like an unsuccesful love life or friendship... Don't expect it from this show! It's just about the most unlucky family in the history of televsion, "The Loser Bunch". If You guessed that being labeled as The Loser Bunch would pull the family together and unit them... take another guess, each and everyone blames each another for their mesirable live. Not that it isn't enough they have the worse nieghbors a family could have, that their only goal is to kick them when they are down (which is 100% of the time).
    Beyond what a great and original plot the show has, the show is a complete collections of the best jokes said on Tv.
    You name a diss, they said it. You name a nickname, they thought of it first. The bottom line the show is a "classic". Not as in a classic wine to fit the well done salmon but, classic like an ice cold beer on a Super-Bowl sunday.
  • Easily one of the best sitcoms of the 90's

    This show (with the Simpsons) put Fox on the map and helped create a new genre of raunchy Sitcoms. Classic that stood the test of time. Al Bundy is the true version of the average under-payed, under-appreciated and under-sexed working man. His wife Peggy spends all his money on Oprah related material and his 2 kids Bud( the sex crazed and diminutive male) and Kelly (The dumb blonde female) have no respect for him at all. With his job as a shoe salesman and a neighbor that would like to see him dead it is easy to see were the hilarity could ensue.
  • This show is funny. I like how Peg and Al fight over not having sex and how Kelly teases Bud Bundy. They Bundy's are a funny family.

    I was not around for this show when it first aired or when it ended, however my brother Chris and I were flipping channels and we saw a few episodes and we like this show.

    I really like Al a shoe salesman. However the amount of money he makes is not realistic. A real shoe seller must make minimum wage and on one episode it says the paper boy makes more than him. Also if he were really making that much and Peg did not have a job he would not be able to afford and house with Television and electricity, however they made the show unlealistic to make it funny I guess. Chris and I don't get some of the jokes on the show, but what we like is how Kelly teases Bud and how Al does not like having sex with Peg.
  • one of the shows that set higher standards...

    This is just the one that set the way for other comedy shows of the 90s. Every figure of the show is specific but there is only one Al Bundy... Nothing else to be said.
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    enjoy! ;)
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