Married... With Children

FOX (ended 1997)





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  • Fox's first big success is one of the best shows ever in history. "Married With Children" is perfect in every way.

    "Married With Children" is one of those shows that you need to see before you die. "Married With Children" is one of the best shows ever made. "Married With Children" is arguably FOX's first success and the show that saved the network from almost being forgotten. "Married With Children" is about AL Bundy a miserable shoe salesman who hates his job, his wife is lazy, his son is focusing on scoring with chicks and his daughter is promiscuous and dim-witted. "Married With Children" sounds like a show about a family and they're misadventures but, it's more about AL Bundy than the rest. "Married With Children" has adult themes and uses those themes very creatively and intelligently. Many clones after the end of this show tried to get the sprit but, all failed. The clones for example are "Happily Never After" and "The War At Home". "Married With Children" is very funny and intelligent. "Married With Children" has great performances from everybody. And like how this show doesn't try to teach a moral even when they seem to teach a moral, it's a joke not a actually lesson. "Married With Children" is just perfect. "Married With Children" is a must see for anybody and for anybody who's want to make sitcoms when they're older.
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