Married... With Children

Season 4 Episode 15

Rock and Roll Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 1990 on FOX
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In a desperate attempt to make his family understand the value of his hard work, Al declares "Bundy Dollar Day", doing away with automatic allowances, but promising to give them three dollars of allowance for every dollar they earn that day. Bud convinces Kelly to try out for the role of "Rock Slut" in a music video and to make him her agent, while Peggy's schemes make Al wish she had just stayed on the couch.moreless

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      • Al: Look, Peg, I'm not asking for the impossible: a quick, painless death. All I want you to do is earn one lousy dollar. Just find something you do best and get someone to pay you for it.
        Peg: Oh. Okay. How about giving me $100 for sex tonight? That's only $50 a minute, Al.
        Al: Peg, I forgot to tell you it has to be something someone wants.

      • Al: Peg, you're qualified for lots of things. Spirit squasher. Hope dasher. Age accelerator.
        Peggy: That's enough, thank you. You know I should be paid plenty for the dangers I face around this house. You think your underwear stops dancing all on its own? I stalk it, I club it, I trick it into the hamper. You try doing that once a week and see if you don't deserve hazard pay.
        Al: Peg, I'd probably be more appreciative if you waited 'til I took'em off first.

      • Peggy: (after the officer lets Peggy off with a warning)Aw, that's nice. Well Al, maybe now you can get rid of that bumper sticker that says "Support higher education, send a cop to first grade".
        Officer: Mam, would that be the illegally parked vehicle with the broken taillight?
        Peggy: Yes, but you can't give him a ticket because his registration is expired. So there.

      • Kelly: Bud, I want this so bad. What if I'm not slutty enough, I'd die.
        Bud: Not slutty enough? Baby, you've got tramp written all over your face.

      • Al: You know, Marcy just gave me an idea. Well, two actually. One, I wanna have chicken for dinner tonight. And two, I'm discontinuing your allowance.

      • (Peggy, Kelly, and Bud are grabbing at Al demanding allowance money)
        Al: Back! Back, you savages. Here! Here's your stinking allowance!
        (Al throws a wadd of cash on the floor, and Peggy, Kelly, and Bud break away from Al, and grab at the money, yelling like a literal pack of savage animals)
        Al: Ahhh... another Hallmark moment.

      • Steve: (Al and Steve are watching the "Video Slut" tryouts on cable access TV) Hey, look at that blond all over the singer like a coat. Oh, boy, I'd like to give her a--

        (Al and Steve suddenly recognizes the girl)

        Steve: Oops. Sorry, Al. That's your daughter.

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      • Bud introduces himself as "Hi, I'm Bud Jagger Richards".
        Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are members of the 1960s group The Rolling Stones.