Married... With Children

Season 5 Episode 24

Route 666 (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 1991 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • During Al's fantasy, Peg is supposed to be a moose's head, but when one of the hot girls hangs her robe on Peg's head, her mouth moves.

  • Quotes

    • Kelly: Where's Daddy?
      Peggy: Gee, I don't know. I haven's seen him since he went insane. Oh, here he comes.
      (Al enters holding a dead squirrel)
      Al: I killed this squirrel for looking at my gold!
      Bud: (to Kelly) I think Dad's shoe-selling days are just about over.
      Kelly: I think Dad's shoe-wearing days are just about over.

    • (in Al's fantasy, he's surrounded by four lingerie-clad women)
      Al: And so, that's how I defeated the Robots in the first inter-galactic Super Bowl. So, what do you want to do now girls?
      Macadamia: We'd just like to serve you, beautiful one.
      Al: Well, what's on the menu?
      Macadamia: Massage?
      Cashew: Whipped cream bath?
      Pecan: Spanking?
      Almond: Horsey ride?
      Macadamia: Or, shall we go back in our cages and frug for you again?

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