Married... With Children - Season 1

FOX (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • 5/3/87
    Al and Steve are drawn closer together when they try to restore a 1965 Mustang. Peg and Marcy, on the other hand, can't help but despise their husbands.
  • Johnny B. Gone
    Episode 13
    Al and Peg get coveted tickets to attend the final night of their favorite high school burger joint, but trivial problems with Kelly and Bud threaten to ruin their plans. Meanwhile, Marcy's attempt throw a dinner party for a potential new employer doesn't go as planned.
  • 6/14/87
    While Steve is away at a convention to abolish the penny, Al unknowingly saves Marcy from being taken by a scam artist in the neighborhood. Peg convinces her not to tell Al he was right, but this only causes Marcy to begin having unwanted x-rated dreams about him.
  • 4/26/87
    Steve and Marcy plan on adding another room to their house with their tax refund. Al tries to coax Steve into building a pool room while Peg and Marcy decide on an exercise room. Who will win?
  • 4/19/87
    A neighborhood crime wave strikes both the Bundys and Rhoades, but they take different approaches to prevent it from happening again. This turns out to be a problem when Al accidentally shoots the Rhoades' guard dog.
  • 5/10/87
    Al secretly plans to buy Peg a watch for their 16th anniversary. However, he makes the mistake of letting the kids in on the secret, which results in him being put in an embarrassing situation.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Al gets free tickets to a Chicago Bulls game, but is forced by Peg to stay home so they can meet their new neighbors Steve and Marcy, who are an idealistic newlywed couple.
  • Peggy Sue Got Work
    Episode 9
    Al refuses to buy Peg a VCR, so Marcy convinces her to get a job at Mulden's department store. Peg soon regrets taking the advice, but concludes the only way to regain her easy lifestyle is to get Al to make her quit.
  • 5/17/87
    The Rhoades are considering having kids, and convince Al and Peg to go away for the weekend so they can baby sit Kelly and Bud. However, they quickly find themselves woefully ill-prepared for the task.
  • The Poker Game
    Episode 8
    Al convinces Steve to join in on his poker night with the guys, and he promptly loses his paycheck to Al. While Al looks forward to purchasing a new fishing rod with his winnings, Steve can't bring himself to tell Marcy what he's done.
  • Where's the Boss?
    Episode 12
    Al regrettably sends the family of his boss Gary $300 worth of flowers when he hears a report that Gary has died in a plane crash. The experience causes Al to realize Gary doesn't know who he is, and he foolishly threatens to quit if Gary doesn't give him recognition for his hard work at the store.moreless
  • Thinergy
    Episode 2
    Peg fears that Al no longer finds her attractive, so Marcy recommends she go on the "Thinergy" diet. However, problems start almost immediately when Peg expects Al to go on the diet with her.
  • Al Loses His Cherry
    Episode 10
    Al refuses to accompany Peg to a family wedding and storms out of the house. His co-worker Luke allows him to spend the night at his bachelor pad, but Al quickly finds it to be no place for a married man.