Married... With Children - Season 10

FOX (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • The Joke's on Al
    Episode 27
    Al and Jefferson play increasing elaborate practical jokes on each other, and Al assumes that a woman who shows up at the house and claims to be Peg's vengeful friend was sent by Jefferson. Meanwhile, a NO MA'AM practical joke results in Griff being mistaken for "The Chicago Cannibal".
  • Torch Song Duet
    Episode 26
    Al helps Griff win a radio contest for two tickets to the Olympic games in Atlanta, but he feels betrayed when Griff reneges on his promise to let him carry the Olympic torch through the mall.
  • 5/5/96
    Jefferson becomes a star after appearing with Kelly in a commercial for "Romantic Roast" coffee, making Marcy extremely jealous. She finds an unlikely ally in Al when they learn the producer wants to take their on-screen relationship to the next level in a follow-up commercial.
  • Bud Hits the Books
    Episode 24
    Bud needs to prepare for final exams in order to graduate, but finds himself continually distracted by thoughts of sex to the point of facing expulsion after an incident at the library. Meanwhile, Al and his friends watch the premiere of the Big 'Uns Channel.
  • Enemies
    Episode 23
    In this spin-off attempt that was supposed to be a low-brow version of Friends, Tom the parcel deliveryman gets into a fight with his girlfriend Shannon because he has trouble remaining faithful to her. Tom tries to make her jealous by going on a date with Kelly Bundy, who he met while making a delivery, but ends up running into Shannon and her much older (and richer) date at the local diner.moreless
  • Al Goes to the Dogs
    Episode 22
    Al decides to build Lucky a dog house with the help of Kelly's rich boyfriend Carlos, but encounters difficulties when Marcy calls a crooked building inspector. Meanwhile, Kelly spends a lot of money at the salon in an attempt to impress Carlos.
  • Turning Japanese
    Episode 21
    Marcy is in line to get a big promotion at her bank, and invites her Japanese boss to a patronizing dinner party. She is put in an awkward position when her boss decides he wants Al's Dodge so he can complete his collection of classic American junk cars.
  • Spring Break (2)
    Episode 20
    Al finds out that Kelly is vying for a $100,000 prize in the beauty contest that Jefferson is judging, and schemes to fix the outcome. Meanwhile, Marcy drives Bud and his fraternity brothers to Fort Lauderdale, looking for revenge.
  • Spring Break (1)
    Episode 19
    Kelly and her friends scam Bud and his fraternity brothers out of their airline tickets to Fort Lauderdale. Coincidentally, Jefferson is selected by his fraternity to judge a spring break beauty contest in Fort Lauderdale and decides to take Al and Griff along.
  • 2/11/96
    On their anniversary, Jefferson plans to surprise Marcy with a tattoo, but the tattoo artist accidentally writes "I LOVE MARY".
  • Calendar Girl
    Episode 17
    Al tries to get revenge on a rival shoe store owner by having Bud outperform his son in a marketing class project for which he decides to create a "Girls of Trumaine" calendar. Meanwhile, Peg begins a worldwide search for her father.
  • 1/14/96
    Bud faces certain death from a mob enforcer if he is unable to complete his workout video by five o'clock. Meanwhile, Al and his friends continue to have difficulties installing the satellite dish as their wives take bets on their misfortune.
  • 1/7/96
    Bud decides to produce a workout video using a loan from the mob when Kelly fires him as her agent. Meanwhile, Al and Jefferson attempt to install a "Crazy Achmed" satellite dish so Peg can watch more Oprah.
  • 12/17/95
    Al's friends get addicted to calling a woman named Butter at a 1-900 phone sex line, but Al finds out that the woman is Peg's mother.
  • Love Conquers Al
    Episode 13
    Al, Peggy, and her parents go to a marriage retreat and water park to get her parents back together. Meanwhile, Kelly has a guy she likes, Carlos, who agrees to date her if Bud can amuse his sister.
  • Bearly Men
    Episode 12
    Al and Bud go hunting with Peggy's dad so that he will get back together with her mother.
  • The Al Bundy Sports Spectacular
    Roy Firestone hosts a tribute to Al Bundy's most memorable moments in sporting events by introducing clips from series. Howie Long makes a brief appearance by satellite to explain why Al couldn't appear in person.
  • Dud Bowl II
    Episode 10
    Marcy's bank decides to dedicate the new Polk High scoreboard to Al. However, when Marcy discovers that Terry Bradshaw attended the school for two months, Al plots to sabotage the ceremony.
  • 11/19/95
    Al and Jefferson's fishing lodge is taken away by a famous actress, but Jefferson plots revenge, and a small fortune, when they find out that they unknowingly took a nude picture of the actress. Kelly and Bud try to get Lucky a part in a dog food commercial.
  • Blonde and Blonder
    Episode 8
    At their high school reunion, Kelly and her best friends compete for the rich nerd whom Kelly teased in high school. Meanwhile, Marcy's bank holds a "Guns for Toys" drive.
  • 10/29/95
    Al and his friends require Bud to get his picture taken with their favorite wrestler in order to become a member of NO MA'AM, but he ends up becoming an unwilling substitute wrestler. Meanwhile, they try to convince their wives to let them watch the match on the living room television.moreless
  • The Weaker Sex
    Episode 6
    Al ridicules Peg and Marcy for taking a self defense class at the mall. However, he has to find a way to regain his masculinity when Peg saves him from a would-be mugger on live television while in line to see the director's cut of The Bridges of Madison County.
  • 10/15/95
    While posing as a scientist at a laboratory to prepare for a role as Marie Curie, Kelly accidentally creates a cure for baldness that turns out to have a serious side effect. Meanwhile, Al and Peg use Bud's computer to try to find a profession that pays less than a shoe salesman.moreless
  • Reverend Al
    Episode 4
    Al transforms NO MA'AM into a church to avoid paying taxes, and Marcy's attempt to expose his scam propels him to stardom. Meanwhile, Peg wants Al to take her on a date for her birthday.
  • 10/1/95
    Kelly is having a hard time dealing with the death of Buck, and the family tries several approaches to help her find closure. Meanwhile, Buck is put on trial in the afterlife to determine what he will be reincarnated as.
  • 9/24/95
    Al convinces Gary to open an aerobics studio next to the shoe store so he and his friends can peep on the customers, but the plan backfires when they discover it caters to the metabolically challenged. Meanwhile, Bud has to find a new job, and Peg becomes more obsessed with Oprah.moreless
  • Peg's enormous mother shows up at the Bundy doorstep after having a fight with her husband, and Al desperately tries to get them back together. Meanwhile, Bud decides to move into the basement after being unable to find an apartment.