Married... With Children - Season 11

FOX (ended 1997)



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Episode Guide

  • Married With Children Reunion Special
    In a forty two minute (without commercials) long Fox special, the main cast from Married... with Children - Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, David Faustino, David Garrison, Amanda Bearse and Ted McGinley returns to the Bundy set. They are interviewed and talk about their best memories of the show, combined with various clips from the episodes. We see clips of Peg's lazy life as a mother and homemaker. Peg and Al's dead sex life. The sibling rivalry between Bud and Kelly. Kelly's stupid and somehow slutty life. Bud's strange sex life. Al's loser life with his forgotten high school glory, football stories, life in the shoe store, his life as a father and Al's strange philosophies. Finally we see their favorite moments from the show.moreless
  • 6/9/97
    When Gary decides to restock the shoe store, Al and Griff attempt to use the old stock in a complicated barter with other stores in the mall so they can get a Swedish massage chair. Meanwhile, Kelly paralyzes Bud while giving him a massage.
  • 5/5/97
    Al quickly gives his blessing to Lonnie marrying Kelly when he discovers Lonnie is a member of the wealthy Weenie Tot family. However, he has second thoughts when he has a run in with Lonnie at the nudie bar.
  • 5/5/97
    Bud's fabrications about his wealth catch up with him when his prison pen pal Stella breaks out of prison and takes the Bundys and D'arcys hostage in an attempted home robbery. During the chaos, Kelly falls in love with Stella's moronic boyfriend/accomplice Lonnie.
  • Lez Be Friends
    Episode 21
    Al becomes friends with Marcy's lesbian identical cousin Mandy, which turns out to be a mixed blessing when Marcy kicks her out of the house. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud try to cure Lucky's depression.
  • Damn Bundys
    Episode 20
    While watching the NFL draft, Al sells his soul to the Devil in return for becoming a star fullback for the Chicago Bears. However, he discovers the hard way that the deal stops short of letting him play in the Super Bowl.
  • Birthday Boy Toy
    Episode 19
    Jefferson fears that Marcy will dump him on his 40th birthday because he's losing his looks, and regrettably agrees to Peg's plan to prevent it from happening. Meanwhile, Gary hires Bud to direct a commercial for the shoe store starring Kelly and Al.
  • A Babe in Toyland
    Episode 18
    Bud helps Kelly land a temporary role in her favorite childhood television puppet show, but she quickly gets promoted when the host has an on-air meltdown. Meanwhile, Al demands separate twin beds when Peg buys a television for the bedroom.
  • Live Nude Peg
    Episode 17
    When Al cancels a night of lovemaking with Peg in order to judge amateur night at the Jiggly Room, she decides to become a disguised contestant named Jasmine. Meanwhile, Kelly has to gain thirty pounds to get a part in a weight loss commercial.
  • 3/3/97
    Peg and the kids fall in love with Bruce and his money, but they have a change of opinion when he reveals what he would be like as a husband and stepfather. Meanwhile, Al's single life quickly turns into a disaster.
  • 2/24/97
    Al follows through on his threat to move out and rents an apartment next to the airport, where Jefferson and Griff help prepare him for life as a bachelor. Meanwhile, Kelly and Marcy take Peg to a single's bar.
  • 2/24/97
    After a woeful performance during an evening of couple's party games exposes their lack of knowledge of each other, Al and Peg regrettably follow the D'arcys' advice to see a marriage counselor. Meanwhile, Kelly agrees to a boxing match against a rival to determine who tries out for a movie role.moreless
  • T*R*A*S*H
    Episode 13
    Jefferson convinces Al and Griff to join the National Guard reserves, but they quickly regret their decision when their unit is activated before basic training is over. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly use the D'arcys' back yard as a dump when the city's garbage collectors go on strike.
  • 1/20/97
    Al's demand that Bud begin paying rent to live in the basement backfires when Bud decides to enforce his rights as a tenant. Meanwhile, Kelly begins taking an improvisation class.
  • Bud on the Side
    Episode 11
    Al is disgusted when Bud starts a physical relationship with Gary, the owner of the shoe store. However, Al has a change of attitude when Gary sets out to win his approval of the relationship.
  • The Stepford Peg
    Episode 10
    Peg hits her head on the coffee table after slipping on a bonbon, and can't remember anything about herself or her family when she regains consciousness. Al decides to use the opportunity to transform her into his idea of the perfect wife.
  • 12/29/96
    Al's birthday celebration is jeopardized when a group of his disgruntled customers trap him in the shoe store and put him on trial. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly attempt to tint the windows of the Dodge as a birthday present.
  • 12/22/96
    Al and Griff are fired from the shoe store when a couple of seasonal employees outperform them three days after being hired. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly kidnap figurines from the D'arcys' nativity scene and hold them for $500 ransom, while Peg learns how to make gingerbread houses in order to compete with Marcy in the neighborhood Christmas decorating contest.moreless
  • 12/1/96
    Peg convinces Al to take the family on a vacation to Branson, where she and Kelly enter a talent contest and get the opportunity to go on tour with Tammy Wynette. Meanwhile, the D'arcys live out a fantasy in the Bundy's empty home.
  • 11/24/96
    Al sets out to purchase a sweet potato pie he's bought from the same bakery every year since his childhood, only to find the baker's funeral in progress. Meanwhile, Kelly is followed home by a turkey she names Hank, which everyone else wants to turn into Thanksgiving dinner.
  • 11/17/96
    An unscrupulous car dealer convinces Al to lease a Testica 2000 sports car after he buries his Dodge in the back yard. Meanwhile, Peg tries to recover the Dodge's engine so she can sell it, and Jefferson goes out of his way to do Al a favor.
  • 11/10/96
    Al is determined to find a replacement part when his Dodge is diagnosed with a bad fuel pump, while the rest of the family secretly discovers a collector will pay $5000 for the engine. Meanwhile, Al recalls memorable events that occurred in the Dodge.
  • 10/12/96
    Kelly must sign a morals clause when she gets a commercial part playing a nun. Meanwhile, Al gets to be on Cops as Officer Dan's partner.
  • 10/5/96
    Gary pits Al and Griff against each other in a sales contest to determine who gets a raise, but they turn the tables when they discover the store's shoes are made using child labor. Meanwhile, Peg unexpectedly wins a microwave and tries to hide it from Al.
  • Twisted
    Episode 1
    Bud creates a fake tornado to trick his girlfriend into going to bed with him. Meanwhile, a real tornado strikes Chicago, giving Al an unusual ride home and forcing the D'arcys to seek shelter with the Bundys.