Married... With Children - Season 4

FOX (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Yard Sale
    Episode 23
    Peg's addiction to shopping gets out of hand when she fills the garage with junk she's bought during a day of shopping yard sales. When Marcy recounts a depressing story about her childhood, Al's inspired to have a yard sale of his own. Meanwhile, Marcy goes on her first date since Steve left her.moreless
  • The Agony of Defeet
    Episode 22
    Al hasn't been able to sleep for weeks, having terrible nightmares about feet. He thinks he finally catches a break when an attractive woman asks him to judge a pageant at the shoe store. Meanwhile, Kelly convinces Marcy, who has been sleeping on the Bundy couch for $25 per week, that she had sex with Bud.moreless
  • Raingirl
    Episode 21
    Kelly is assigned by her school to work nights as an intern at Channel 83, Chicago's lowest rated station. After management sees her playing with the weather map and gives her an on air tryout as a "weather bunny", they offer her a $250,000 per year full time job, which overshadows Al's big news that he got a $5 per week raise at the shoe store.moreless
  • 4/15/90
    While looking through her yearbook, Peg discovers she failed her home economics class and never graduated. Rather than put up with Al's constant ridicule, she joins Kelly's class and has to make rack of lamb for her final exam.
  • Peggy Turns 300
    Episode 19
    Al finds out that Puggy Weaver, his rival who bowled a record 258 at the Bowlarama, is going to be moving away, and has dedicated the past few weeks of his life practicing to break his record on the night before he leaves. However, Al sets himself up to become a victim of "The Bundy Curse" when he's compelled to bring Peg along on the big night because it's her birthday.moreless
  • 2/25/90
    Al gets an invitation from Polk High to introduce the football team's MVP at the homecoming dance, and intends to use the opportunity to warn the kids about the perils of marriage. Meanwhile, Bud makes an elaborate plan for revenge on a girl who humiliated him in sixth grade.
  • 2/18/90
    Al and the kids make it to Las Vegas, only to find Peg and Marcy have already lost all but $8 of his money. After he's unable to take advantage of Kelly's ability to predict Roulette numbers, he's compelled to put his life on the line for the chance to win $10,000.moreless
  • 2/11/90
    Marcy is devastated after she gets a letter from Steve that says he's filing for divorce and becoming a park ranger at Yosemite National Park. In an effort to cheer her up, Peggy sells Al's television to take her on a trip to Las Vegas.
  • Rock and Roll Girl
    Episode 15
    In a desperate attempt to make his family understand the value of his hard work, Al declares "Bundy Dollar Day", doing away with automatic allowances, but promising to give them three dollars of allowance for every dollar they earn that day. Bud convinces Kelly to try out for the role of "Rock Slut" in a music video and to make him her agent, while Peggy's schemes make Al wish she had just stayed on the couch.moreless
  • A Taxing Problem
    Episode 14
    Al gets audited when Peg claims 23 dependants on their tax return. Desperate to raise cash to avoid a 20 year jail sentence, he finds a couple willing to pay $5,000 for Peg's hair, but then faces the daunting task of convincing her to make the sacrifice.
  • 1/7/90
    The roof of the Bundy home begins leaking like a sieve, and Al vows to fix it himself during the ongoing storm, becoming more determined every time he falls off. In the meantime, Steve finally gets a new job, and brings home a dangerous souvenir for Marcy.
  • 12/17/89

    While his disappointed family goes to Denny's for Christmas dinner, Al is electrocuted attempting to fix the outdoor lights. He's visited by a guardian angel who shows him how Peg and the kids would have turned out if he was never born.

  • 12/17/89

    Al proudly announces he's saved up $280 in his Christmas Club account for presents, but his hard work is put in jeopardy when he is unable to get to the bank before it closes on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Steve leaves Marcy to spend Christmas with his mother in Cincinnati.

  • At the Zoo
    Episode 10
    Instead of looking for a job, Steve spends several days going to the zoo with Peg and the kids, where he becomes obsessed with the wellbeing of an endangered Caribbean Pygmy Turtle named Bosco. This frustrates Marcy to the point where she single handedly foils a robbery at her bank and actually becomes friends with Al, who she now has a common bond with.moreless
  • Oh, What a Feeling
    Episode 9

    Tired of having to push his broken down car to and from work, Al decides it's finally time to buy a new car. He sets off to the dealership with $5,000 he's been saving for the past ten years in a shoe box for just this occasion, but he's in for a shock when he finally opens it.

  • 976-SHOE
    Episode 8
    Tired of always being broke and wanting to make something of his life, Al is inspired to start the Dr. Shoe telephone hotline. Steve regrettably makes him a $50,000 bank loan with the single minded goal of clinching an office contest for a trip to Hawaii.
  • 11/5/89
    Al gleefully returns home from meeting Playboy's Miss October of 1987 at the shoe store only to discover that Peg has just sold his extensive Playboy magazine collection to purchase a statue of Tubro, the fat Panamanian God of Money. This angers the spirit of Al's father, who gives Al guidance on what must be done next.moreless
  • Fair Exchange
    Episode 6

    Interested only in getting a $500 check every month, The Bundys host a foreign exchange student from France, and force her to sleep in the unheated garage. She quickly becomes the most popular girl at school with the boys, ruining Kelly's social life in the process.

  • 10/8/89
    Peggy strongly suspects that that a young, attractive woman she meets at the salon is having an affair with Al. Meanwhile, Marcy has to deal with a bad hairdo.
  • 10/1/89
    Al has a toothache and goes to Marcy's dentist, who is currently in the middle of a bitter divorce. Meanwhile, Peggy has been ordered to cook the family one good meal.
  • Buck Saves the Day
    Episode 3

    Al reluctantly agrees to take Steve, Bud, and a group of neighborhood children camping to avoid spending time with Peg, but instead gets everyone stranded in the middle of the woods without any supplies or shelter. Meanwhile, Kelly joins Peg and her friends in a poker game.

  • 9/10/89
    Peggy wins a two-week, in-home workout with Chicago's Healthiest Man, Jim Jupiter. Unfortunately for Jim, Peggy's willpower proves to be much stronger than his.
  • Hot off the Grill
    Episode 1
    The Bundy's Labor Day backyard cookout with the Rhoadeses is put in jeopardy when Peg has a mishap while moving Al's grill. Meanwhile, Marcy is put in charge of her late Aunt Toonie's cremated remains.