Married... With Children - Season 5

FOX (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Buck the Stud
    Episode 25
    Someone offers the Bundy's $10,000 to use Buck as a stud, but he has trouble completing the task. Meanwhile, Kelly gives Bud a ridiculous fashion makeover that inexplicably turns him into a babe magnet.
  • Route 666 (2)
    Episode 24
    The Bundys and D'arcys think they've hit the mother lode after panning for gold at the old mine for just a few hours. Their elation is short lived however, as their partnership is soon destroyed by greed and paranoia, and Al goes insane.
  • Route 666 (1)
    Episode 23
    Al takes the whole family along to a shoe convention in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, his Dodge breaks down in the backward town of Lucifer, New Mexico, where they trade it to a prospector for the deed to a gold mine just as Jefferson and Marcy arrive with the intent to rescue them.moreless
  • 4/21/91
    The Bundys and the D'Arcys face off to see who can spend the $1,000 shopping spree first. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly bother celebrity Jerry Mathers who judges the contest.
  • 4/14/91
    Al buys a cheap old air conditioner which leads to a massive blackout in the entire neighborhood, forcing the Bundys to move into a supermarket.
  • Top of the Heap
    Episode 20

    Al's low-brow friend Charlie Verducci is alarmed when his son Vinnie takes a job as a bus boy, and fears he is about to lose his last chance to achieve fame and fortune. Charlie decides to crash a formal dinner party in an attempt to set Vinnie up with a rich woman.

  • 4/7/91
    Bud, desperate to buy Vanilla Ice concert tickets to score with a girl, cons Kelly, who needs money for a field trip to a retirement home for former models, into babysitting a large family of difficult children. Meanwhile, Al and Peg spend the evening watching movies with Jefferson and Marcy.
  • 3/24/91
    With only $100 left in the checking account, Al denies Bud's once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the White House in order to let Kelly try out to be Miss Weenie Tot, a title which comes with a year's supply of Al's favorite junk food. Unfortunately, it also affects his ability to collect a $50,000 prize he wins in a separate contest.moreless
  • 3/17/91
    Al is driven to the brink of insanity trying to figure out the name of a song he heard on the oldies station. In the meantime, Kelly begins dating the dimwitted son of one of Al's old friends.
  • 2/24/91
    Al is laid off from the shoe store when the ceiling collapses due to an aerobics class above, and he is forced to take a job as night watchman at Polk High. He is fired in disgrace after the championship trophy he won for the school is stolen by his old nemesis, but he is determined to get it back at any cost.moreless
  • A Man's Castle
    Episode 15
    A magazine that Peg buys instead of groceries inspires her to enroll in a $2000 interior design class. When she redecorates Al's bathroom without his permission, he's forced to take drastic measures to reclaim his territory.
  • Look Who's Barking
    Episode 14
    With Peg out of town visiting family, everyone else forgets to feed Buck. He heads out to the streets in search of food, and quickly regrets bringing back a female friend. Meanwhile, Al convinces the baker of his favorite cheese cake to travel from Germany to make a home delivery.
  • The Godfather
    Episode 13
    Al is frustrated that the city isn't addressing a broken street light and a pot hole outside his house. Kelly's latest boyfriend happens to be a 41 year old alderman who is willing to grant Al abusive powers to keep him from interfering with their relationship.
  • 1/6/91
    Marcy wakes up from a drunken stupor to find she's married a one-night-stand who she later discovers is a convicted real estate swindler named Jefferson D'arcy. She compounds her misery when she offers Al and Peg $2,000 to plan and host her formal wedding ceremony.
  • 12/16/90
    Al's Uncle Stymie dies, and Al faces a daunting task when the will stipulates that his uncle's entire $500,000 estate will go to the first male Bundy who bears a child with his name.
  • One Down, Two to Go
    Episode 10

    Kelly decides to move out with her $246 in life savings when Al beats up one of her boyfriends. While Al is perfectly fine with her decision, Peg is devastated and reacts by smothering Bud with unwanted affection.

  • 11/18/90
    An exotic dancer buys the house across the street, and Al is more than happy to help her move in a couch. Other women from the neighborhood who watch him do it quickly spread the word that he's a stud, causing Al's self confidence and Peg's jealousy to skyrocket.
  • Wabbit Season
    Episode 8
    Al goes temporarily insane after having to work a sixteen hour shift at the shoe store, and the doctor suggests he start a vegetable garden to reduce his stress. However, what starts out as a relaxing hobby soon devolves into an increasingly destructive obsession with killing an elusive rabbit that has been eating his vegetables.moreless
  • 11/4/90
    After Al returns home from work with a bump on the head, he sees (or thinks he sees) six little green aliens stealing his smelly socks to use as fuel for their spaceships. The only problem is that no one ever sees them but Al, so everyone thinks he's crazy.
  • Kelly Bounces Back
    Episode 6
    Al's latest tirade about Peg and recently-graduated Kelly spending every day on the couch watching television prompts Peg to go on strike and Kelly to attend a $400 modeling class. She gets her big break when a car company asks her to audition to be the model for their new Allanté convertible at the auto show, but she makes the mistake of allowing hormone-driven Bud to be her manager.moreless
  • The Dance Show
    Episode 5
    Al doesn't mind Peggy going out with Marcy every night to a ballroom dance hall and dance the night away with a handsome man named Andy, until another man, named Pete, tells Al that Peggy is stealing someone's husband - his.
  • The Unnatural
    Episode 4
    The Bundys are all members of the Mall's softball team, and they've advanced to the championship game. Al is in a deep slump, and the other members of the team bribe Peg and the kids to go along with their plan to bench him for a new and much better player named Sven Hunkstrom.moreless
  • Sue Casa, His Casa
    Episode 3
    Finding the cost unjustifiable now that both of his kids are driving, Al decides to cancel to his car insurance. Shortly after, Bud totals a Mercedes while pulling out of the driveway, and Al desperately tries to prove the other driver was as fault.
  • Al... with Kelly
    Episode 2

    Al and Kelly avoid having to join Peg and Bud on a week long trip to Wanker County by pretending to be sick. However, Al's plan to spend the week alone with his fantasies is jeopardized when Kelly comes down with an actual cold.

  • 9/23/90

    Al's grand vision to spend the Labor Day holiday on a road trip with his family hits a snag when they encounter a massive traffic jam on a Chicago expressway.