Married... With Children - Season 7

FOX (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Movie Show
    Episode 21
    The family feels ashamed when Kelly's boyfriend reminds them that it's her birthday tomorrow, and they offer to take her to the movies. However, Kelly's experience is ruined when she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her.
  • Old College Try
    Episode 11
    Bud receives a $25,000 scholarship to attend Trumaine University and deposits it into his college fund. His parents assume the bank made an error after they make a 20 cent deposit into the fund, and decide to withdraw the money and spend it on themselves.
  • 4/25/93
    Al is humiliated after Peg tells her friends that he is awful in bed, then becomes determined to regain his former prowess. Meanwhile, Kelly tries to find a way to appear more intelligent to her friends.
  • The Wedding Show
    Episode 13
    Al becomes frustrated when Peggy can't decide what to wear to a family wedding. Meanwhile, Bud gets to know the bride and Kelly spends time with the bridesmaids.
  • The Proposition
    Episode 26
    Al is laughed at when he claims that he had a high school relationship with a girl who went on to become a rich and world famous producer of beauty products. He has the last laugh when she arrives at the Bundy home and offers Peg $500,000 to buy him from her.moreless
  • Mr. Empty Pants
    Episode 16
    Peg takes up cartoon drawing when her pulsating shower head breaks, and creates a character based on Al that becomes a world wide hit when she turns it into a comic strip. Al feels humiliated and demands she stop, but has a change of heart when he receives a call from Playgirl magazine.moreless
  • You Can't Miss
    Episode 17
    Tired of spending his Saturday nights alone, Bud appears on a dating game show for desperate men. Meanwhile, Peg demands that Al go to bed at the same time she does, resulting in both of them staying awake for days.
  • Al on the Rocks
    Episode 4
    Al has to take a job as a topless bartender to pay for Seven's doctor bill, but Peggy fears that Bud and Kelly might make Seven sick, and kicks them out of the house.
  • Heels on Wheels
    Episode 15
    When Bud volunteers to be a nude model at college, Kelly begins to feel old and uncool, and buys a motorcycle on impulse. Meanwhile, Al fears he might be gay after an encounter with a transvestite at the shoe store.
  • 5/16/93
    Bud faces a moral dilemma when his cousin Jimmy begins beating up innocent people in the neighborhood as he searches for the man who slept with his wife on the day of their wedding.
  • Old Insurance Dodge
    Episode 24
    Al discovers that his Dodge has been stolen from in front of his house, and is disappointed when the insurance company offers him only $50 for his loss. Jefferson convinces Al that he deserves a lot more and tells him how to defraud the insurance company.
  • Christmas
    Episode 12
    While on break at a nearby bar from his job as a shopping mall Santa, Al recounts how he has celebrated Christmas over the years with his family, and how he ended up having to take this new job.
  • 11/8/92
    Ignoring Peg's objections, Al forces Kelly to get a job. She becomes a waitress at a local diner, but seems to be doomed to failure until she discovers that she has a special talent.
  • Go for the Old
    Episode 19
    After Al is given a senior citizen discount at the movie theater without being asked for proof, he embraces the situation and gets a senior discount card and accepts an invitation to a senior citizen athletic competition.
  • 11/1/92
    Al becomes outraged when he learns that the city is attempting to pass a two cent beer tax. He takes his family to vote for the first time, then incites a riot.
  • Frat Chance
    Episode 6
    In an attempt to score with girls, Bud starts a fraternity for virgins named "Alpha Gonna Get 'em" in the garage, and hosts a toga party. Meanwhile, Al, Peg, and the D'arcy's go to the movies.
  • 1/24/93
    Al has his week-long vacation at his boss's cabin ruined by Peg and Marcy, who fight and bicker with each other the entire time. Meanwhile, Jefferson and the kids look for a way to get back at Marcy for not taking them along.
  • 10/11/92
    Peg realizes her sex life is terrible after peeping on the neighbors, and Marcy suggests that lingerie will help spice things up with Al. However, she soon discovers that it will take something else to get Al interested.
  • 5/2/93
    Al accepts an offer of a year's salary of $12,000 to retire early from the shoe store, but his retirement is short lived when he discovers Peg has hidden his money. He gets a job at a different shoe store, where he's inspired to become a business owner after he's assigned to be a temporary manager.moreless
  • 11/22/92
    Al learns that Fuzzy McGee, his favorite sidekick from old Western movies, has died. After attending his funeral, Al decides to buy the burial plot next to him, much to Peg's chagrin since there is no room for her.
  • Un-Alful Entry
    Episode 20
    Al spends the night on the couch when he refuses to rub Peg's rear end. When he encounters a robber who breaks in through the living room door, he unexpectedly finds himself as the defendant in a $50,000 lawsuit.
  • Rock of Ages
    Episode 9
    Al wins a shoe selling contest and receives a first class ticket to Hawaii. Peg secretly exchanges Al's ticket for four standby tickets, forcing Al and the family to pose as aging rock stars to get into the first class lounge, where several genuine rock superstars have assembled prior to making the "Old Aid" charity music video.moreless
  • 9/27/92
    Peggy discovers that nobody knows when Seven's birthday is, so she gives him Al's. They decide to hold his party at a public park, despite the fact it's been rented out to a snobbish, rich family.
  • 2/28/93
    Peg reads Seven a bedtime story about a beautiful princess who is held captive aboard a pirate ship. Meanwhile, Al attempts to unclog his toilet.
  • Magnificent Seven
    Episode 1
    Peg's backwards relatives Zemus and Ida Mae visit with their five-year-old son Seven. They leave without their son under the pretense of going out for cigarettes, forcing Al to take a solo road trip to Georgia in a desperate attempt to avoid having to support yet another family member.
  • Kelly has to walk through the wilderness after dumping her date in the forest. Al and Peg try to talk their marriage alive, but without success. Bud dates a girl with the measles.