Married... With Children - Season 9

FOX (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • No Pot to Pease In
    Episode 9
    Kelly reveals a bit too much about her family when she auditions for a part in a sitcom, and the producers base the new sitcom on the Bundy household.
  • 10/23/94
    Jefferson discovers that the Barbie doll he bought at auction for Marcy's birthday is actually worth $50,000, and tries to get it back from her with Al's help in exchange for the first issue of Big 'Uns. Meanwhile, Peg buys a concertina, Kelly changes her appearance for a commercial, and Bud has troubles at work.moreless
  • 2/5/95
    Al begrudgingly accepts an invitation to be the grand marshal of Wanker County's bicentennial parade, but he runs into a problem when the Dodge mysteriously disappears while going through the car wash. Meanwhile, Steve Rhodes returns to town and tries to make Marcy jealous.
  • 10/16/94
    Bud gets assigned to the Virgin hotline, but has problems doing his duties. Al and Peggy have problems deciding what movie to rent at the video store.
  • User Friendly
    Episode 23
    Bud participates in a virtual reality study on human sexuality, and chooses Amber as his perfect mate. Meanwhile, Al spends his vacation with his friends trying to figure out what a switch in the kitchen controls.
  • The Undergraduate
    Episode 28
    Kelly gets a secret admirer who lavishes the Bundys with expensive food and gifts. However, she is put in an awkward situation when he turns out to be the twelve year old son of the producer of her upcoming commercial who wants to take her to his graduation dance.
  • Naughty but Niece
    Episode 4
    Bud has the chance to earn a scholarship to Oxford if he can pass a test, but he has trouble finding a quiet place to study. Meanwhile, Marcy's troubled niece Amber visits from Los Angeles.
  • Ship Happens (1)
    Episode 19
    Peg wins four sub-sub-economy tickets for a Caribbean cruise and takes Al and the D'arcys with her, but Al is disappointed when he discovers it's full of overweight women. Meanwhile, Wolfman Jack makes himself a part of the Bundy household.
  • Ship Happens (2)
    Episode 20
    Peg, Al, and the D'arcys are left stranded on a life raft with Gilbert Gottfried and an overweight woman after their cruise ship sinks. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly have to deal with a group of ruthless news reporters as they await word on the fate of their parents.
  • Driving Mr. Boondy
    Episode 2
    Bud needs $700 to take a trip with his fraternity to Oktoberfest in Milwaukee, but Al demands he get a job. Al soon regrets his tough love when Bud gets a job at the DMV and Al's driver's license lapses. Meanwhile, Kelly is forced to find a new job when Jefferson gives her bad career advice.moreless
  • Shoeway to Heaven
    Episode 1
    Al changes the name of the shoe store to "Al Bundy's House of Sole" when he and Jefferson discover thirty crates of unsold shoes from the 1970's. Meanwhile, Kelly is stung by a beetle that causes her to become unable to tell a lie.
  • Shoeless Al
    Episode 27
    Jefferson convinces Al to file a bogus $4 million lawsuit against the mall claiming he is afraid of shoes and can't work after being robbed and tied up at the shoe store. Meanwhile, Al's bowling team vies for the league championship.
  • Peggy and her friends join the men at a visit to the nudie bar to find out why the men spend so much time there. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a part in a weight loss commercial.
  • Kelly Breaks Out
    Episode 3
    Kelly is selected be the spokesperson for Icehole beer, but she has to deal with a zit on her forehead and Marcy's feminist group as she prepares to shoot her first commercial. Meanwhile, Al and Jefferson get ripped off attempting to buy VHS tapes of the television series The Avengers.
  • 12/11/94
    Marcy's feminist group gets Al's favorite show, Psycho Dad, cancelled, and NO MA'AM decides to picket outside of the television station. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly try to convince Al to let them host a party.
  • 12/18/94
    Al and his fellow NO MA'AM members head to Washington D.C. with the hope of lobbying the Senate to bring back Psycho Dad. Meanwhile, Bud's and Kelly's house party gets out of control.
  • Kelly Takes a Shot
    Episode 15
    Desperate to score with Amber again, Bud helps Kelly get an audition for a fast food chain commercial that requires her to shoot a bow and arrow. Meanwhile, Al tries to eliminate birds that are keeping him awake.
  • 2/12/95
    Buck tries to prove to Al that he isn't getting senile by burying something in the backyard, but unfortunately he chooses the gift Al was about to give Peg for their 25th anniversary. Meanwhile, Marcy and Peg spend the day a health spa with an expensive gift shop.
  • 10/9/94
    Al's counter protest fizzles when he finds out breast-feeding in public is legal. Rather than give in to the women, he decides to restock the store with only men's shoes, only to find out the store's owner, Gary, is coming to visit.
  • Business Sucks (1)
    Episode 5
    Al refuses to serve a breast-feeding woman at the shoe store, which causes Marcy to organize a sit-in. Meanwhile, Peggy encounters difficulties during her train ride home.
  • Pump Fiction
    Episode 24
    Al becomes jealous of his former colleague Luke Ventura, who has just been voted salesman of the month in Shoe News. In an attempt to achieve his own fame, Al convinces Kelly to help him make a film about shoes.
  • 3/26/95
    Peg wins the $10,000 grand prize in a bingo tournament held at a church in a bad neighborhood. Meanwhile, NO MA'AM has to choose a new official beer after Yoko Ono becomes the spokesperson of Girlie Girl Beer.
  • 3/12/95
    Kelly becomes student of the month at her acting school and wins dinner with her instructor, Larry Storch, to rehearse for their production of Phantom of the Opera. Meanwhile, Al and Griff are put on commission and become desperate to increase traffic into the shoe store.
  • 11/27/94
    With Major League Baseball on strike, the owner of the nudie bar decides to sponsor a new league organized by Al and his fellow NO MA'AM members. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly fill in for Al at the shoe store.
  • Dud Bowl
    Episode 10
    Al and his friends are challenged to play a football game against a rival school that had to be cancelled during Polk High's championship season. However, they are put at a disadvantage when they discover their former quarterback is now a woman, and the other team is full of ringers.
  • My Favorite Married
    Episode 25
    The cast discuss their favorite episodes which we see through clips.
  • Best of Bundy
    Best of Bundy
    Episode 17
    In the 200th episode, clips of past episodes are shown. This episode is hosted by George Plimpton and you get to see the Married With Children set as just a Hollywood set and not the Bundy household.
  • Radio Free Trumaine
    Episode 26
    Steve Rhodes becomes dean of Trumaine College, and he regrettably decides to expel a couple of deejays at the school's radio station who expose his embarrassing past. Meanwhile, Bud tries to convince his girlfriend April to go steady with him instead of a Russian basketball player.
  • Best of Buddy
    Episode 17
    n the 200th episode, clips of past episodes are shown. This episode is hosted by George Plimpton and you get to see the Married With Children set as just a Hollywood set and not the Bundy household.