Married... With Children

Season 9 Episode 19

Ship Happens (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1995 on FOX



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    • Jefferson: ( Seeing Gretchen for the first time.) Wait a second. I can't remember my name. Al, what's my name?
      Al: Captain No-Nads.

    • Marcy: Wow, a Caribbean cruise. Sounds romantic.
      Peg: Oh, it is.
      Marcy: Al must hate it.
      Peg: He does.

    • (someone knocks on the door and says "Yoo-hoo!")
      Al: Don't answer that. That's a trap.
      Jefferson: What kind of trap?
      Al: You know, they say "yoo-hoo", you open the door, they slap two pieces of bread around you, and you're never heard from again.

    • Jefferson: Excuse me, Gretchen, but, uh, I thought all the passengers were... (Al whispers in his ear) ...jurassic.

    • Marcy: Why must you always be so negative?
      Al: Why did you cross the road?

    • (On the ship)
      Al: It's like 20,000 Leagues under the sea, Except I'm married to the Giant Squid.

    • Peg: Kelly, I am so glad you're home. I'm entering this new contest and I need you to think of something clever.
      (Bud clears his throat)
      Peg: Bud, is something wrong?
      Bud: Yeah, you just asked someone with the I.Q. of mustard to think of something clever.

    • (Peg's hair looks horrid)
      Peg: (whining) I can't go out in public like this!
      Al: Oh, I know you can't sweetheart, I know you can't. Come on, Jefferson, let's go.
      Peg: You can't go either!
      Al: WHY?! My hair don't look like crap!!

    • Al: Thank you, Peg, for booking me on the Titanic!

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