Married... With Children

Season 1 Episode 6

Sixteen Years and What Do You Get?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 10, 1987 on FOX



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    • Kelly: Dad, even Meg's father got her mom an anniversary present and he shot at her.

    • Peggy: Since you're not gonna get me a present, do you think you can take my car and have a radio installed?
      Al: Peg, I don't have the time.
      Peggy: Yeah, but I'm out all day long running errands, what am I supposed to listen to?
      Al: You're own beautiful voice. If god didn't want other people to hear it, he wouldn't have made it so shrill.

    • Peg: Would you like me to make you some soup tomorrow for lunch?
      Al: No thanks. Last time I cut my hand on the can.

    • Steve: Oh Marcy, after sixteen years of marriage I hope we grow so close that i'll never have to say i'm sorry.
      Marcy: Steve, you're interrupting.
      Steve: I'm sorry.

    • Al: I'm taking my power tools, which I paid for, to celebrate in the garage, which I'm still paying for.

    • Marcy: Steve. You would never show up to our anniversary without a gift would you?
      Steve: Of course not. I care about you.

    • Al: Happy anniversary!
      Peg: A can of motor oil.
      Al: Forty weight! And a, uh... road flare. Bless our happy home.

    • Luke: (looking at Marcy) Hey Al, your daughter's really blossomed.

    • Al: (on Peg's car) I fixed the bass control, so it doesn't vibrate your tush.
      Peggy: Actually I kinda liked that.

    • (opening Peggy's present)
      Al: The power tools i've been wanting! It'll be hard to top this. So why try?

    • Marcy: Here, we got you one of our favorite books.
      Al: (reading book cover) My Partner, My Wife, My Life. My God.

    • Steve: We were just admiring your wedding album. We videotaped ours. Of course, Polaroids are nice too.

    • (watching Caterer put frosting on cake)
      Bud: Man, I wish I could make stuff like that.
      Caterer: Maybe you can, would you to be a Chef?
      Bud: Nah, I'd rather be a man.

    • Al: Oh God, the world is ugly in the morning.

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