Married... With Children

Season 9 Episode 8

Sleepless in Chicago

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In this episode (which aired in 1994), Al is excited when old rerun of Dragnet airs. In real life, Ed O'Neill would later star in a revival of Dragnet, several years later, which ran for two seasons in 2003-2004.

    • In this Episode Marcy says that she never had a Barbie when she was a child because her parents never would let her have one. Yet there was an entire episode (Episode 27 / 214) devoted to Marcy's Barbie collection. In that episode she talks about having the Barbie's instead of real friends when she was a child.

    • Al said that Kelly is naturally blonde. However, there a few episodes on where she said that she isn't, just like Peggy isn't naturally red-haired.

  • Quotes

    • Al: Ah, here's come Popeye.
      Peg: (comes down the stairs humming "Blow the Man" down while holding her concertina)
      Hey Al, you wanna try my squeezebox?
      Al: No, Peg, you blew this man down a long time ago.

    • Auctioneer: And the next item up for bid, still in its original wrapper, the first issue of "Big 'Uns."
      Al: $1200!
      Auctioneer: Sold!
      Jefferson: You don't have any money!
      Al: You got 2 grand.
      Jefferson: Al, that is money I took from Marcy for her birthday present.
      Al: Jefferson, this is the first issue of "Big 'Uns." There's 40 pages. That's 80 'uns.

    • Jefferson: I hope the Barbie bidding stays low. I only brought 2 grand.
      Al: 2 grand for a Barbie doll? A real woman isn't worth that much.

    • Auctioneer: Do I have another bid? Sold! For $3200, Michael Jackson's original nose.

    • Kelly: They say all blondes are dumb. But that's just a stereo system.

    • Kelly (watching "Superman"): What does that "S" on his chest stand for?
      Al: Straight

    • Kelly: Daddy, do you notice anything different about me?
      Al: No, son.
      Kelly: No, daddy, it's Kelly.
      Al: Well tell her to come in!

    • (To Bud)
      Al: Now son, you've got two choices: you can get out, or, you can get the hell out!

    • (Al, posing as Jefferson, is lying next to Marcy in bed)
      Marcy: Jefferson, rub my back.
      (Al hesitantly moves his hand toward her)
      Marcy: That's my chest.

    • (Al answers the door after Marcy furiously knocks)
      Al: Hey, Marcy, I thought I heard some pecking.
      Marcy: Outta my way, Swamp Gas!
      Al: That's *Mr.* Swamp Gas to you.

    • Marcy: Jefferson, did you hear something?
      Jefferson: Yeah, it was probably just Al falling from the window after having slept with you.
      (They laugh at the thought)

    • (After finding out that the Barbie doll Jefferson got for Marcy is worth $50,000)
      Al: Jefferson, $50,000! Well, what are we going to do?
      Jefferson: *We*...
      (takes the doll from Al)
      say 'goodbye' to you, and catch a plane to Aruba.

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