Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 14

Sofa So Good

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 1994 on FOX

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  • Great episode.

    Peg and Al go to a family reunion, leaving Kelly and Bud home alone. Kelly lies that she is making a commercial for children to get Bud out of the house. While he's gone, Kelly's boyfriend shows up. While there, he leaves his cigar on the couch, burning it down. Bud gets home and finds out about the couch. After Al has an accident, Peg calls them and tells them that they'll be home in a day. They try to find a replacement for it, and with the help of Jefferson, they find the only other couch like the one they had. It belongs to an insane guy who used to build couches, but now lives deep in the woods. He decides to give it to Kelly after a while, if she gives him something in return. They successfully get the couch home, and Peg and Al don't notice a thing.

    This was a great episode of Married...With Children. Some of the funniest things were Bud telling Kelly that they needed a picture of the couch, so Kelly takes a picture of the burned couch, and Bud explains that they need a picture of it before it was burned, Bud asking Al if he was going to pick up the bag, and Al says that she can walk by herself(referring to Peg), which is not what Bud meant, and Al and Peg not seeming to notice that they are missing a bed, which Kelly gave to the insane guy in exchange for the couch. The plot was very good, too. At the end of the episode, everything's back to normal, except the Bundys are missing a bed, which Al and Peg don't seem to notice at all, so there's no character development.
    I'd say this episode had a great plot, great jokes, but no character development. It gave me a lot of laughs.
  • Decent

    With Al and Peg at a Family Reunion, Bud and Kelly have the house. But Kelly lies that she is shooting a video to inspire kids to read, when in reality she has a date with a smoking guy. The guy puts a cigarette on the couch, setting the couch on fire. Knowing it was their mother's favorite couch, Kelly and Bud need to find the same exact couch and need to replace it before Al and Peg come home.

    Not one of my favorites, mostly for the way it was handled, but it had some good humor in places.
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