Married... With Children

Season 3 Episode 4

The Camping Show (aka A Period Piece)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 1988 on FOX

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  • Al, Bud and Steve experience an uneasy weekend after Peggy, Marcy and Kelly all have there period at the same time.

    This is an absolute classic episode of 'Married with Children'. The storyline is effectively used to create a very humerous situation. The clever storyline explores the myth that when women live with each other they tend to menstruate at the same time. Throughout the entire episode it continues the witty humour which all Married with Children episodes usually include. Many memorable quotes have came about due to this episode including one of my favourties throughout the series "Its hot in here, its cold in here, its hot and cold in here". Just another depiction of the great humour this show continues to deliver on its early and late seasons alike.
  • Has to be one of the best episodes on married

    This has to rank at the top if not top 5 of all the married shows. To see how the characters develop in the early stages of the show, into the men being totally fearful of the women and the women well being bundy women. I watched a chat on the reunion show of this episode, everyone in the cast remembered it as the best, yet most controversial show ever. Why even the censors tried to keep it off the air.... So we had to settle for a name change to the camping show. For sheer laughter it has to be watched and listened to. Especialy Marcie's comment about her butt......