Married... With Children

Season 5 Episode 5

The Dance Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1990 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Al doesn't mind Peggy going out with Marcy every night to a ballroom dance hall and dance the night away with a handsome man named Andy, until another man, named Pete, tells Al that Peggy is stealing someone's husband - his.

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  • Peggy starts going out dancing with Marcy and meets a Gay married man, meanwhile the Gay man's husband meets Al and asks for his help to get his husband away from Peggy.moreless

    This episode of Married With Children is definetly a top 3 episode, more than likely #1. Al gives a classic performance in this episode. Their are multiple hilarious parts to this episode. When the husband meets Al and informs him about his husband and Peggy having a great time going out dancing together, he asks Al to help him get his man back. Al starts to like spending time with the gay man because he cooks, cleans and watches Sports with Al. Al promises to get his husband back as long as he will still make time for him and cook, which was freakin hilarious because Al just wants to eat. Al goes to the club where he finds them dancing. The gay man is terrified of Al, as Al instructs him to go to the corner for a talk. Meanwhile, Peggy watches on telling Marcy how Al still cares for her and is going to beat the man up. Al responds by saying to the man "I don't care what you have been doing with my wife!, but you have a good man at home who anyone would be proud to call his wife." One of the most classic Lines in Married With Children history! Then at the end of the episode while dancing with Peg. Peggy tells Al how he could've had this man, but Al responds by telling Peg he was a Homo This episode was a series classic and I watch it everytime it comes on.moreless
  • Go where no other shows would go in the late 80's early 90's

    This episode sums up what made MWC a primetime smash hit. The show would touch on subjects no other networks/writers/shows would even consider talking about in the late 80's & early 90's.

    "Dance Show" was well written and very funny. The classic Bundy one-liners all hit with full comedic force. This is one of my top 5 MWC episodes. A classic.

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    • Al: Peg, I thought tonight we might do something different. You know the newlywed couple at the end of the block? I peeked in their window.
      Peg: Oh, you're so kinky, baby.
      Al: Peg... I want to do what they were doing.
      Peg: Well, I'm game. What were they doing?
      Al: They were EATING!

    • Peg: Hi, honey. I ordered you a pizza.
      Al: Ah, no, I'm not falling for that one. I was at that window so long the neighborhood kids thought I was a jack-o'-lantern.

    • Al: Let me get this straight, pardon the expression. You say that your husband is running around with my wife?
      Pete: Yes.
      Al: Your husband?
      Pete: Yes.
      Al: You know you're a guy, right?
      Pete: Yes!
      Al: Well, then we got three guys that won't touch my wife. What's the problem?

    • Al: Uh, easy, big fella. Easy there. I'm sure we can figure out what happened. Maybe your guy isn't getting what he needs at home.
      Pete: Oh, no. Our sex is great.
      Al: I don't want to hear about that!

    • Al: (still trying to figure out Pete's problem) Well, maybe he's just tired of you sitting at home while he's out working.
      Pete: No, I work. I'm an office manager... 40 thou a year.
      Al: That bastard! Guys like that deserve what they get.
      Pete: He's getting your wife.
      Al: Well, let the punishment fit the crime.

    • Pete: I don't know. Maybe it's my fault. Andy's a man about town, whereas I just like to stay home and watch a ball game.
      Al: Wait a second. Wait a second. You--you work, you cook, and you like sports?
      Pete: Yeah. Except for soccer. I mean, that's not really a man's game.
      Al: I love you.

    • Andy: (after Peg told him about Al) A shoe salesman? Come on, nobody's a shoe salesman!
      Peg: Well, he thought he'd start at the bottom and...stay there.

    • Peg: Oh, admit you're lucky to have me as your wife. I could've had anyone. I could've had Andy at the snap of a finger. He was sexy, he was hot, he was....
      Al: He was a homo, Peg.

    • Al: (to Peg) Now feed me or feed me to something. I just wanna be part of the food chain.

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