Married... With Children

Season 5 Episode 5

The Dance Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1990 on FOX



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    • Al: Peg, I thought tonight we might do something different. You know the newlywed couple at the end of the block? I peeked in their window.
      Peg: Oh, you're so kinky, baby.
      Al: Peg... I want to do what they were doing.
      Peg: Well, I'm game. What were they doing?
      Al: They were EATING!

    • Peg: Hi, honey. I ordered you a pizza.
      Al: Ah, no, I'm not falling for that one. I was at that window so long the neighborhood kids thought I was a jack-o'-lantern.

    • Al: Let me get this straight, pardon the expression. You say that your husband is running around with my wife?
      Pete: Yes.
      Al: Your husband?
      Pete: Yes.
      Al: You know you're a guy, right?
      Pete: Yes!
      Al: Well, then we got three guys that won't touch my wife. What's the problem?

    • Al: Uh, easy, big fella. Easy there. I'm sure we can figure out what happened. Maybe your guy isn't getting what he needs at home.
      Pete: Oh, no. Our sex is great.
      Al: I don't want to hear about that!

    • Al: (still trying to figure out Pete's problem) Well, maybe he's just tired of you sitting at home while he's out working.
      Pete: No, I work. I'm an office manager... 40 thou a year.
      Al: That bastard! Guys like that deserve what they get.
      Pete: He's getting your wife.
      Al: Well, let the punishment fit the crime.

    • Pete: I don't know. Maybe it's my fault. Andy's a man about town, whereas I just like to stay home and watch a ball game.
      Al: Wait a second. Wait a second. You--you work, you cook, and you like sports?
      Pete: Yeah. Except for soccer. I mean, that's not really a man's game.
      Al: I love you.

    • Andy: (after Peg told him about Al) A shoe salesman? Come on, nobody's a shoe salesman!
      Peg: Well, he thought he'd start at the bottom and...stay there.

    • Peg: Oh, admit you're lucky to have me as your wife. I could've had anyone. I could've had Andy at the snap of a finger. He was sexy, he was hot, he was....
      Al: He was a homo, Peg.

    • Al: (to Peg) Now feed me or feed me to something. I just wanna be part of the food chain.

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