Married... With Children

Season 8 Episode 20

The D'Arcy Files

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 1994 on FOX

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  • Its the day before April Fools and Al is watching a baseball game Peg breaks a tooth and Jefferson leaves in a hurry to leave. I could say more but it would spoil the plot duh but a real classic episode with easily the most jokes ive laughed at in

    Great episode possibly my favourite classic lines ie
    bud: Dad weve got some bad news
    al: ah the traditional bundy greating
    and als prank call about someone working on the phone lines :p also als great line about it being too late to adopt the menendez kids sick but another great joke
    this is one of the few episodes where jeffersons character develops and u realize he aint just marcys love toy
    i know i just seem to be quoting the ep but if u watch it ull c why
    peg breaks tooth while als watching a base ball game
    peg: Oww
    al: he was safe
    simply classic
    the subplot about bud and kelly pan handling is also one of the better ones in the series even if it feels a bit repeated though i cant think of another episode where theyre begging
  • Is my next door neighbor spying on me or is he an actual spy?

    I found this enjoyable enough but when it comes to Married With Children the expectations are alot higher then that of an ordinary sitcom. Not a whole lot of jokes per se but more focused on the storyline itself which was disappointing. I wasn't laughing as much as I normally do when watching MWC, I found Kelly and Bud's plotline kind of filler-esque and the whole April Fool's Day set-up really, really predictable and unexciting. It definitly wasn't one of the finer episodes, the end scene was pretty funny but besides a few funny scenes and dialouge it was a pretty average episode, nothing to really laugh out loud at.
  • Decent

    Is Jefferson a spy? Al meets a man at the store who tells him Jefferson is one of the most dangerous men in the world. He offers Al money to turn him in. Asking Jefferson about this, he reveals he is a spy. Al decides to call, and in the end, it is revealed the whole thing was an April Fool's Day joke, because Al complained Jefferson never did any good pranks on him.

    A decent episode. I totally forgot they said it was April Fool's Day in the episode, and that made the conclusion really exciting to watch. Well-written