Married... With Children

Season 11 Episode 22

The Desperate Half-Hour (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 1997 on FOX
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Bud's fabrications about his wealth catch up with him when his prison pen pal Stella breaks out of prison and takes the Bundys and D'arcys hostage in an attempted home robbery. During the chaos, Kelly falls in love with Stella's moronic boyfriend/accomplice Lonnie.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • First part of the season finale

    A first part of unplanned series finale brings us a great story---Bud's pen-pal Starla from prison, who turns out to be a runaway, takes the entire Bundy and D'Arcy family hostage so she could run away. Meanwhile, Kelly falls in love with Lonnie, Starla's dumb sidekick.

    Yet another great episode of 'Married...with Children' brings us a pretty good plot. Al doesn't have such a big role in this episode, but the good-known game-loving and bathroom-enthusiasm are always a reason for a few good laughs. Marcy and Jeffersen were dressed in costumes all the time, which just added few more laughs to the episode (especially the part when Lucky falls in love with Jefferson).

    Starla is kinda boring in this episode, but her sidekick Lonnie is a great match with Kelly, they are offically the dumbest couple I have ever seen. And, by my opinion, the best part of this episode is when Starla forces Peggy to cook, and she cries and screams 'You animal!!!'. And an even better scene is when Starla shoots the TV remote and Peggy cries, because she shot her baby. All in all, an amazingly written episode!moreless

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    • Bud: Ok, Dad, now we've gotta come up with a plan. What would Charles Bronson do?
      Al: Well, he'd usually go on a revenge spree after his loved ones were brutally slaughtered.
      Bud: Think of something else!

    • (Al just sent Lucky for help)
      Al: We may need an alternate plan. I've got another idea.
      Marcy: Uh-huh, are you going to command a squadron of flies from your hamper to attack?
      Al: If I could command those flies, do you think you'd still be alive?!

    • (After Griff becomes a hostage along with the Bundys and D'Arcys)
      Al: Didn't you see the "Help" sign I hung out of the bathroom window?
      Griff: Al, you've been hanging "Help" signs ever since I've known you.

    • Starla: All right, get down and shut up! Oh, this sucks! The minute I set foot in this dump, my life went straight to hell.
      Al: So did mine.

    • Starla: (to the police) Now, listen up, pigs! I want a car to the airport, I want a plane to Brazil, and $50,000 cash!
      Al: I demand the same thing!

    • Marcy: We have got to get the gun away from her. Now, we need someone big and strong and expendable.
      Jefferson: (to Bud) Where is your father?
      Starla: (to Bud) Hey! You told me your father was dead.
      Bud: That's right! He died... (sound of toilet flushing) ...before he could fix the plumbing.

    • Starla: Now, we're gonna need some food for the road. (points gun at Peg) You! Go cook us something.
      Peg: You animal!
      (Peg runs into kitchen, crying)
      Starla: Don't think about trying to poison us, either!
      Bud: Yeah, uh, she doesn't have to think about it. It, uh, just sort of happens.

    • Kelly: Mom, I'm scared.
      Peg: Don't worry, she doesn't know that Daddy's upstairs... he's our secret weapon.
      Kelly: (sadly) Yeah, if he leaves the bathroom door open!

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