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Married... With Children

Season 2 Episode 18

The Great Escape

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1988 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Bundys are forced to spend the night in the shoe store while their house is fumigated for termites. Meanwhile, Kelly schemes to escape and attend a rock concert after being grounded for a bad report card.

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      • Al: (looking at Kelly's report card) F, F, F...D. What happened, Kel, you attend one?

      • Bud: How are you gonna get past the electric eye?
        Kelly: Same way you get your dates - crawl.

      • Al: Hey Peg. I'm bored, wanna do it?
        Peggy: Al, the kids are here.
        Al: Okay, but remember, I asked. See you in the fall.

      • Al: Ah, that's just great. 1750 Dollars for a tent to put over a house. Listen, why don't we just borrow one of your mothers mumus? Ah hell, if she doesn't wash it, we won't have to pay for the poison either.

      • Kelly: Oh come on, I mean, when am I ever going to need to know math?
        Bud: Well, you may need it for your career. You know, three whoppers, large fries and a coke.

      • Peggy: Now Kids, don't be ashamed. Even the finest homes have termites. Of course, they get them from homes like ours.

      • Bud: You know I'll devote the rest of my life getting revenge on you.
        Kelly: Well, I'm not too worried. See, I'll always have the smell of Clerasil to warn me that you're coming.

      • Bud: Ah, so many women, so little time.
        Al: Not me, I got one woman and too much time.
        Bud: I'm not really interested, Dad. Listen, I really want to impress this girl so could you drive me? Oh, and can you wear one of those stupid chauffeur hats? And put something under your arm, so it looks like your packing a rod.
        Peggy: Why Bud? What your father's got under there already is far more lethal.

      • Al: (walks by Kelly, who is pretending to be a mannequin so she will be able to sneak out)
        Damn mannequins look like hookers.

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