Married... With Children

Season 3 Episode 15

The Harder They Fall

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 1989 on FOX
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Steve fears for his safety when his passenger Peg gives the finger to a driver with an "I Love San Quentin" bumper sticker while returning from a long trip in search for a movie that will work on Al's Betamax player. Desperately hoping for safety in numbers, he regrettably invites the Bundys to his home to watch movies on his VHS player.moreless

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      • Steve: Al, I am really upset with your wife.
        Al: Kill her.

      • Marcy: (to Steve) I think you proved your courage once and for all by beating up that... little man.
        Al: Yeah, just think what you could do to a second grader now.

      • Peggy: (on the phone) Listen, worm food. You wanna take care of this? Come on over. You've got the address, you spineless gob of spit! You gutless yellow piece of... (to Marcy) he hung up! How rude!

      • Peggy: What happened to your date?
        Kelly: He wanted to study. So I just had to tell him I'm not that kind of girl.

      • Bud: Hey, there is a guy stopping by here.
        Steve: Oh my god, it could be him! (looks outside) Look at the size of him. He looks like acid must've been thrown at his face. This guy is fresh out of the asylum.
        (A car horn is heard honking outside)
        Kelly: Oh, that's my date!

      • Kelly: How come Mom can cross state lines and I can't?
        Al: Because your Mom didn't go in a van with a bumper sticker that read: "Don't come a-knocking if you see this van a-rocking".
        Kelly: That can be taken a lot of different ways.
        Bud: (to Kelly) And so can you.

      • Marcy: If I had my way, I'd have them round up everyone of those inconsiderate savages, bury them up to their necks and run them over with the grain reaper.
        Peg: You know I feel the same way about that Pippi Longstocking girl, God I hate her!

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